Race to the Top: The Crucial Google Ranking Factors Your Cannabis SEO Strategy Must Include

Outrank the Competition and Drive Traffic to Your Store

Google search remains the most popular way to find nearby dispensaries. These “dispensary near me” searches almost always lead to store visits.

If you want to capitalize on these mobile queries, you need a local cannabis SEO strategy that delivers results.

Right now, focusing on SEO is even more important. Early 2021 will see another Google algorithm update. To preserve or improve your search ranking, you must consistently use SEO best practices and work to enhance your website.

During our 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Why Local SEO is so important
  2. The top ranking factors to help get you the top spots
  3. How to implement a proven SEO strategy fast

Don’t get outranked—make sure you’re tops with a cannabis SEO strategy that works.

Here’s a Preview of the Webinar:

[4:50] Confused about SEO? Get the low-down here and then stick around to learn about local SEO.
[9:55] Find out what the number 1 ranking factor to get into that local pack is!
[14:21] This is the local SEO factor that most people need help with.
[18:46] You probably didn’t know that this could impact your SEO, but it does…
[25:32] Want to improve your ranking? Here’s how!

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