The Secrets for Targeting Tourists with Your Dispensary Ads

Reach Travelers Right Where They Are

How can you reach people traveling in your area?

Sure, your billboards might get noticed if they drive a rental, but there’s no guarantee.

Yeah, maybe they’ll do a search for a dispensary near them, and hopefully, your site will pop up in the search results.

But one thing they will definitely do—one thing you can count on—is that they’ll check their phones.

Show up when they do with targeted display ads on the most popular sites and apps and make the most of cannabis tourism.

We’re diving into how dispensaries can maximize their reach with tourists and score those valuable sales.

Learn about:

  1. How targeted ads can increase your reach and help get your business seen by more people
  2. Why this type of marketing is invaluable for dispensaries ready to take advantage of cannabis tourism
  3. The fast and easy way to capitalize on this strategy and start driving traffic to your store instantly

Stop letting those cannabis tourism dollars slip away! Score these secrets to make more sales and unlock a special offer for your first campaign just for watching.

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