Bringing CMOs and CFOs Together: How Strong C-Suite Relationships Trigger High Growth Cannabis Companies

With Founder of BKLY & CMO of Pleasantrees, Jim Anstey, and Fractional CFO Darren Gacicia

Strong C-Suite alignment between the CMO and CFO has been demonstrated time and again as a key indicator of success in high growth companies. It’s time to join forces and work on your cannabis corporate team building efforts, but first, you have to ensure you are focused on the same growth metrics.

Although seemingly two sides of the same coin, historically, it was difficult to translate marketing campaigns into financial gains because of the lack of data and analytics. As marketing and analytics channels have evolved, it is easier than ever before to unite executives and work together to invest in channels that drive growth and revenue.

This week we are joined by Founder of BKLY & CMO of Pleasantrees, Jim Anstey, and Fractional CFO Darren Gacicia to dive into the details of how these two officers can cultivate a strong CMO and CFO working relationship and align on marketing performance metrics that drive revenue growth.

During the webinar you will discover:

  • How to identify the disconnects that occur between CFO and CMOs and restructure the conversation
  • Step-by-step outline for setting up a marketing plan that will shift your CFOs perspective on marketing investments
  • Determining the marketing channels and tactics that best drive and support quarterly CFO goals.

This is one webinar you won’t want to miss! Enjoy the replay here and build out your cannabis corporate team building strategy.

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