Google Update Alert: Make These Changes to Your Dispensary SEO Strategy

Don’t Let the Update Kill Your Ranking

When it comes to search, we’re beholden to Google. As the most popular search engine, it’s crucial to show up high in Google search results to get valuable organic traffic to your website.

In order to maintain its dominance, though, Google is constantly updating its search engine algorithm. It’s rare that Google advertises when an update is coming. Often, they just make changes to the algorithm without advising anyone and SEO specialists take note because of shifts in rankings and organic traffic.

So when the world’s largest search engine makes a big deal about an update, you know it’s going to have a huge impact, and it sure did!

During our 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. What changes came from the Google update
  2. The crucial elements that need to be in your dispensary SEO strategy
  3. How to safeguard your website to keep showing up in search results

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