How to Maximize In-Person Cannabis Expos and Events in 2022

Tips from Wendy Campbell at Jage Media

For the past two years, cannabis events and expos haven’t been held in person, but in 2022 (and beyond!) this is a must for your cannabis business.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business, connect with your community, and network with potential partners. Do you know how to select the right event for your business goals? Is this your first time attending an in-person cannabis event or expo?

What You’ll Learn

Join us for a discussion on cannabis event selection, targeting your audience, pre-event to-dos, and tips for professional networking. We will be speaking with Wendy Campbell, National Sales Director at Jage Media Inc., about these topics and the upcoming MJ Unpacked event in NYC!

During our 60-minute webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How to prepare for an upcoming cannabis event: setting event goals, curating the list of people you want to meet,
  • How to book meetings and market to your target list
  • Strategies for post-event up follow up

Join us and make the most out of your upcoming cannabis events.

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