How to Use Geotargeting Advertising to Get More Online Orders

Get Your Ads Right into Your Customers’ Hands

More people are online on their phones than ever before. Reach them with our geotargeting advertising strategy and increase your online orders today.

With geotargeting advertising, you can get your banner and display ads seen by customers in specific geographic areas and at certain times. Use our tips to get more people to your online menu or to sign up for your VIP text program and watch your sales grow!

During our 30-minute results-driven webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. How geotargeting advertising works and why it’s effective
  2. The 3 best geotargeting advertising strategies that will get you results
  3. Why you need to implement these strategies today
  4. The number one way to maximize your campaign

Here’s a Preview of the Webinar:

[8:46] Discover what geo-advertising is and why you should ad it to your digital advertising strategy.
[9:49] Learn about three different ways you can use mobile display ads.
[11:03] How about the ROI? Check it out here.
[14:13] Dive into our mobile display ad tips here!
[22:35] Skip to the number one tip and implement it today!

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