Emerging Market Alert: New Jersey Cannabis Dispensaries

Update your medical dispensary to capture adult-use markets

As cannabis acceptance increases in the U.S, more states are expanding legalization from medical to recreational sales. New Jersey recently passed legislation allowing its medical cannabis retailers to transition to adult-use sales. Wondering how your marketing strategy should shift to include this estimated 1.3M recreational cannabis user market?

States that allow adult-use cannabis see about $37.5 million more in revenue than medical-only cannabis states. The opportunity for growth in New Jersey marijuana dispensaries is available, is your business ready for the influx of customers? 

Join our webinar to understand more about how to prepare your business for a recreational cannabis market, what challenges your business may face, and how to update your medical dispensary marketing to capture adult-use markets online.

During our 60-minute webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Challenges dispensaries may face when transitioning from solely medical use to include recreational sales 
  • Shifting your marketing language to connect with new adult-use consumer archetypes.
  • How to find and grow your new customers with paid search, SEO, and display advertising.

Join us!

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