Text Message Marketing

In a digital age where customers are inundated with hundreds of ads and brand impressions daily, it’s important to invest in marketing that stands out and converts. Cannabis dispensary text message marketing is an extremely reactive, personal approach to engaging with your customers and increasing your sales. And because of how direct and personal it is, it’s also important that you do it right.

Why Text Message Marketing?

Customers open 95-98% of texts within minutes of being received. What does this mean for your dispensary? On-demand customer traffic and not only that but increased loyalty and increased revenue! 30% of consumers are already interacting with brands through text message, a statistic that’s even lower in the cannabis industry itself. So, investing in such a strategy would most certainly set your shop apart from competitors. If you’re interested in finding new ways to connect customers with your cannabis dispensary text message marketing might be a good place to start.

Traffic on demand

Slow day at the dispensary? Turn it into a rush with a one day or 3-hour sale

Inform customers immediately

Send out a text message to your customers instantaneously.

Advertise sales and promotions

Send coupons to your most loyal customers or better yet, use their buying patterns to determine which offer to send them. BOGO or 10% edibles?

Get customer feedback immediately

As soon as they walk out the door, you can follow-up with them to gain insight on their experience as well as leave a lasting impression as they get into their car to leave!


Mobile marketing is relatively inexpensive and offers high ROI when executed correctly.

Text Message Strategies & Examples for Dispensaries

Marketing is not only about enticing customers to buy from you once, but it’s also about making them lifetime customers and brand advocates. Therefore, you need to build a relationship with them and use mobile marketing effectively. Don’t confuse, annoy, or overwhelm them. Every text message campaign you send out needs to have (1) a clear offer or message and (2) a CTA. Let’s look at some great examples to help you get started with your mobile campaigns.

“Good morning! We’re just as happy as you are to see the sun out. Let’s celebrate together with a $48 quarter of our favorite euphoric strain, Sour Jack. Reserve now! bit.ly/sunny-strain”

Interact with your customers in real-time! Whether it’s the first sunny day in a long time or you’re celebrating a big win with your local sports team, react quickly! Be authentic.

“We know you’re a big fan of KIVA chocolate, so we’re going to let you in on a little secret – We’re offering you an exclusive 10% deal if you come in today!”

Utilize a customer data platform or collect customer preferences upon signing them up for your text promotions and send out offers to appeal to them specifically.

“Just in! You’re the first to know – We’ve got OG Kush in-stock. Don’t wait or you’ll miss it. Reserve today! bit.ly/og-kush-2-17”

Whether you have a new strain in stock or are running low on a favorite strain, use your mobile marketing channel to send out updates!

“Hey there! We haven’t seen you in awhile – We’d love to help you find your new favorite strain this week. Stop by in the next 3 days and we’ll give you 15% off!”

Have a customer who hasn’t been in your shop for awhile? Entice them with a special discount to get them back into your shop.

“Thanks for stopping in today! We appreciate your business and would love to learn how to serve you better. Fill out this quick survey for a free pre-roll on your next visit. Go to: bit.ly/survey”

Mobile marketing is not only for promotions and deals, it also provides your dispensary with the unique opportunity of building a meaningful relationship with your customer and showing them you care. Ask for insight. If they rated you well, ask them for Google review!


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Text Message Marketing Best Practices

Don’t Spam

You’re building a relationship. Don’t over-do it with text message marketing. Three texts a week maximum is pretty standard, but find what works best for you. That may be too many for your list. You don’t want to bombard them or come off as aggressive or sales-y.

Diversify Your Approach

Mix up what you’re sending to your subscribers. While promotions are action-oriented and desired, you also want to create value through this channel. Maybe it’s notifying them of a new article that published or an upcoming pop-up that you’re hosting at your dispensary. You could even reach out to them for feedback by asking them to fill out a survey like you saw in the example above.

Utilize Customer Data to Create Better Targeted Offers

Like we mentioned above, it’s important to segment your mobile subscriber list based on particular interests. That way, you can target specific campaigns to customers who want your offer. You’re also not wasting money on sending a campaign for edibles to a customer who is only interested in flower.

Offer Exclusive Text-Only Offers

If you’re offering the same deals on your social platforms and in your store, your customers won’t be incentivized to stay subscribed to your list. Give your list the VIP treatment.

Notify Customers of New Arrivals or Restocked Products

You can launch a mobile marketing instantaneously. As soon as a highly sought-after strain or product is back in stock, send out a campaign to give your customers a heads up!

Promote Sales Events

If you are planning an upcoming sale, promote it beforehand and let me them how long the sale will last! Be timely with your approach, create urgency like saying, “Last Day! 6 hours left!” Include All Information on Offer, Deal Expiration, and CTA. Don’t make your subscribers guess or have to ask questions. Include all the necessary information, so your CTA is clear and effective.

Build your Subscribers List with an Instant Incentive/Offer

To build your list, you may want to create a special offer to encourage them to sign up. It’s precious to have them as a subscriber, so don’t hesitate in gifting them something for joining your list.

Text Message Marketing Software for Your Dispensary

To further empower your text message marketing plan, we’d suggest you look into combining your strategy with a customer retention management software (CRM). Segmenting your lists and sending highly targeted campaigns to your subscribers. Has it been months since they visited your shop? What products do they like? Is there a particular strain that they always purchase? Use this data to make your campaigns more effective.

Springbig has software that is built specifically for cannabis dispensaries. As a company, their goal is to “turn anonymous visitors into repeat customers.” You don’t need to slash prices to remain competitive – You simply need to implement effective, engaging marketing and mobile marketing is a great place to start.

Let’s take an in-depth look at each digital marketing channel.

Given the unique position of the cannabis industry, we’re only covering the digital marketing channels that are permitted to use by ancillary businesses, brands, dispensary owners, mobile applications, producers, processors, and websites. There is a legal gray area when marketing cannabis companies, and you should regularly reference the laws within your state before starting any campaign.


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