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Alcohol Ads in the Digital Age

As our real-world lives meld with our digital ones, regulation-bound brands are seeking new ways to engage consumers online. Our compliant programmatic advertising platform boosts awareness and sales using data-driven audience targeting.

Leveling the Playing Field

Big brand alcohol sales – and the marketing budgets that come with them – have long been a formidable adversary for smaller, limited edition, or fledgling brands. And while mass market alcohol advertising continues to reflect its decades of integration into our national fabric, much of the industry‘s new growth is happening on a different plane… and in an environment where brands of all sizes can compete with efficiency, effectiveness, and scale.

Online consumer engagement with alcohol brands as well as e-commerce and direct-ship alcohol sales surged during the COVID-19 shut-downs, and that growth has taken root. The direction of the market is clear. The pressing question now is how can your alcohol brand maximize on the opportunities?

Online Alcohol Sales Grow Unabated

It’s important to note that the increase in U.S. and global online alcohol sales has, in actuality, been building for some time. This growth is fueled by more than the cause-and-effect created by the pandemic, which forced people into their homes and away from restaurants and bars. Consumers have been engaging with wine advertising and purchasing alcohol via e-commerce channels for years―the market conditions of COVID-19 simply sped growth along.

For one, people are more aware of their options. As some states relaxed regulations during the past year to facilitate online sales and home deliveries, consumers not only kept up with the changes but were also actively exploring their ecommerce choices. And now that the cat’s out of the bag, customers aren’t interested in reversing the track.

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Brand-safe, Compliant Advertising for alcohol Brands

Additionally, the comfort level Millennials project with ordering anything and everything online spills over into the alcohol market. Digital wine advertising and ready-to-drink product campaigns can be highly effective in building brand recognition and engagement with this massive buying cohort. And for a generation whose daily lives are fully integrated into their digital worlds, omnichannel programmatic advertising offers alcohol brands a seamless way to create meaningful customer connections and drive sales.

All this said, alcohol advertising and marketing is not without hurdles. There are regulatory guidelines – some statutory, some self-enforced – that guardrail alcohol advertising. And in addition to the conventional rules already in play, new governmental regulations for alcohol ecommerce may likely be enacted as the channel continues to evolve.

How Programmatic Works

Programmatic advertising leverages big data, customized datasets, and AdTech software to automate what was once done manually. Using demand-side platforms (DSPs), advertisers set parameters for relevant audience and publishers. This helps ensure that ads reach their intended audience efficiently, wasting neither time nor money on irrelevant viewers. Publishers put their ad space up for auction via supply side platforms (SSPs), and then exchange platforms play matchmaker.

Now imagine an exchange platform with direct access to over 36,500 media outlets worldwide via a private ad marketplace? This is what we built MediaJel to do, plus so much more.

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Right-Fit Advertising

Delivering brand-safe, age-appropriate digital alcohol advertising requires knowing exactly who, when, where, and how to serve ads without creating compliance concerns.

The #1 step in a programmatic campaign is to define and develop your customized beer, wine, or liquor ad audiences. We work closely with you to understand customer characteristics and create target audiences rooted in big data analytics, tailored with proprietary datasets, and verified by human insights. Then, we ensure your ads are seen across right-fit geographies, contexts, publishers, and media channels.

Premium Inventory for Alcohol Advertising

Even the most creative and engaging beer, wine, or liquor advertising campaigns can’t succeed without access to premium ad inventory and prominent placement on media channels that reach viable audiences and actual consumers. And, do it all with scale.

MediaJel’s exclusive private marketplace includes more than 36,500 top publishers and reaches consumers around the globe. These suppliers are friendly to alcohol advertisers and provide quality, brand-safe inventory to our programmatic clients. And since bots don’t buy alcohol, we make sure your campaigns run on channels verified for high-quality traffic and real human engagement.

In addition to reach, diversity of channel is a huge asset to your marketing strategy. Programmatic advertising has evolved to include more than traditional native and display ads (although endemic ads placed in the right contextual publications and with the right parameters can – and do – drive great results!) Our wide-ranging and modern media mix can reach audiences where they are― on mobile, audio, video, social, connected TV, digital out-of-home, and more.

Combined with an immersive approach to audience development, prospect targeting/retargeting, and customer cultivation to foster brand loyalty and repeat sales, our programmatic solutions for alcohol advertising connect you with customers throughout every part of their digital day. This immersion helps to drive near-term sales and build long-term brand equity.

Don't Waste a Drop

Programmatic advertising is the most effective tool for cutting significant waste – both in coverage and spend – that alcohol brands experience using traditional advertising.

With MediaJel’s advanced digital marketing platform, you can attract buying customers, market across channels, scale to new locations, and enjoy a better ROI while doing it.

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