Instagram Hashtags Your Dispensary Should Use Right Now

Determining the best Instagram hashtags for your dispensary’s content can be tricky. Constantly using (and spamming) the wrong ones can turn people off your content. However, by choosing the right ones, you can engage your audience more profoundly and expand your brand’s reach.

For a dispensary, creating an effective hashtag strategy will make social media posts more relevant and effective. According to a recent survey, some of the most popular Instagram hashtags currently in use include such tags as #love, #happy, and #cute. And, while these may work for some brands and businesses, they typically don’t for most.

How Do Instagram Hashtags Work?

Hashtags can be applied to any Instagram post as clickable links. As long as it features a “#” directly in front of it, any word or phrase can be turned into a hashtag.

best instagram hashtag woman on insta
By clicking on a tag, a user will be taken to its discover feed, where they can find more content submitted with the exact same tag. Wsing the appropriate hashtags will result in more of your content being found and shared.

What Are The Best Instagram Hashtags?

The answer to this question really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Hashtags can effectively be sorted into different groups, depending on their meaning and purpose.

Some examples of different kinds of hashtags include branded hashtags, location-based hashtags, and trending hashtags. Which kinds of tags you choose to regularly feature in your social media content should depend on your marketing goals (exposure, awareness, leads, etc.).

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Here are some examples of hashtags that tend to work well for dispensary brands.

Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags are exclusive to your brand or business. They should include your brand name and should be incorporated into your profile bio. Oftentimes, these kinds of hashtags take the form of a company name or byline. #MediaJel #DoneForYouMarketing

Branded hashtags are primarily used to build awareness around a brand. It can be very difficult to pick up steam with these kinds of hashtags. However, consistency will eventually lead to results.

Location-Based Hashtags

Location-based hashtags provide us with a way to target social media content towards local audiences. Using hashtags to engage local shoppers can boost brand awareness and exposure in your community.

If you are seeking to improve your local influence, location-based hashtags can help you to reach the right audience.

Trending Hashtags

Certain hashtags may surge in popularity at certain times. These are referred to as ‘trending’ hashtags. Trending hashtags won’t allow you to get super specific with your messaging, but they will allow you to hitch your content to other popular, trending content.

While they should be used sparingly, trending hashtags will allow you to make the most out of ‘reactive’ or ‘moment’ marketing.

Entertainment and Mass Appeal Hashtags

These are the most common kinds of hashtags on Instagram. These tags avoid getting specific. Instead, they focus on the situation being presented in each post.

Entertainment and mass appeal hashtags are not useful for growing your audience or boosting exposure. Rather, these tags will help your audience to relate to and appreciate your content. Some examples include the hashtags listed earlier in this article such as “#cute”, or “#happy”.

Ultimately, hashtags can help your target audience find you and engage with you. Make sure you make the most of them!