How to Host a Successful Cannabis Event

In the era of recreational legalization, hosting a cannabis event can be an effective means of networking with the wider cannabis community and building a local reputation. Manufacturers and dispensary owners alike benefit from events that bring together businesses, customers and local talent to celebrate the wonders of the legal cannabis market.

While putting together a cannabis event isn’t always easy, there are some key principles that any dispensary owner should consider. Here is what you need to know when planning your cannabis event.

Cannabis Event: Craft Your Promotional Materials

One of the most important elements of any event’s success is marketing. If you are unable to market your event effectively, it won’t matter what the event has to offer—people will not be around to enjoy and engage with it.

Developing promotional materials in the form of posters, web listings, a blog post, fliers, or even a video can all help create awareness of your event. When crafting your method of advertising, think creatively and don’t be afraid to reach out to artists or others you believe can offer assistance, as the strength of your marketing strategy is directly tied to the outcome of your event.

Reach Out to Businesses

Networking can be one of the most challenging aspects of building out a successful cannabis event. When leveraged properly, however, the relationships you form throughout the process can become your longest-lasting reward.

cannabis event 2
Most cannabis businesses will be happy to dispatch a representative to your event, depending on the scale of their business and other factors like location and scheduling. For a cannabis company, dispensary events are free advertising and opportunities to promote their products to a wide audience.

Create A Playlist

When customers attend a cannabis event, their expectations are often high. Visitors to your event want an upbeat, buoyant mood to accompany a good time, and composing a playlist for the occasion can go a long way towards creating a positive atmosphere.

cannabis event 3
Whereas a musicless event can be dour or boring, with the right beats, even the brands you invite will appreciate the enhanced environment you create. Far beyond merely entertaining your guests, music can ease the mood of an event and manufacture a more conducive environment to selling products.

Be Generous

In developing relationships with potential customers, one quality will stand out most of all: generosity. Customers remember businesses that attempt to charge high prices for their products and reward those that exude generosity with their loyalty.

cannabis event 4
While too much generosity can harm your business or those of the brands you invite, it is not unreasonable to request that brands bring free samples to a cannabis event. In fact, most dispensary events advertise free products or discounts as an incentive to attend. Free products may seem like a simple token of appreciation, but they can greatly increase the chances of an actual purchase in the future.

A cannabis event is a great way to educate, highlight your dispensary and the products you carry, and draw in more customers. Plus, hosting regular events can actually boost your local SEO!