Connect With Your Customers via Chat

Customer service is crucial to the success of a business, and dispensaries are no exception. According to one survey, 90% of Americans use customer service as a factor when deciding whether or not to do business with a company.

Plus, 49% of Americans switched companies last year due to poor customer service, and customers are believed to spend an average of 17% more with a company that has outstanding customer service.

Chat for Dispensaries

It’s clear that customer service can affect your bottom line. But what’s the best way to communicate with your customers?
Recently, live chat has become a common tool for businesses to quickly and effectively communicate with potential customers in real-time. With so many options, buyer patience is at an all-time low and speed has never been more important, especially when it comes to customer service.

Live chat replaces long email chains and frustrating phone calls with quick service that keeps customers happy. It’s no surprise that live chat has become one of the most preferred ways for customers to communicate with businesses. According to one recent survey, 42% of Americans surveyed listed live chat as one of their preferred ways of communicating with companies.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out more about how implementing live chat can help your dispensary right now!

Benefits of Live Chat for Dispensaries

There are several benefits to having a live chat service on your website.

or starters, integrating live chat into your website will improve your customer serviceability. Not only does it give your customers another channel through which to contact you, but it is also quick, easy, and convenient to use.

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Live messaging can help your customers solve all kinds of problems without ever having to pick up a phone. Live chat is also a much more efficient use of staff time. While a staff member can only handle a single phone call at once, they can easily handle 3 or more text chats at the same time. If most of your customer service communications are being funneled to your email and live chat services, then the phone lines can remain clear for customers who actually need to communicate through the phone.

Plus, research indicates that live chat can boost customer satisfaction, increase revenues, and improve customer loyalty. People like brands they can trust, and there are few better ways to gain customer trust and loyalty than with excellent customer service.

Live chat can also help your staff to quickly identify pain points and common problems. If patterns are emerging or if certain problems are simply happening more often than others, you’ll be the first to know. Rather than letting these problems snowball until the next performance review, live chat for dispensaries can help your staff to quickly identify them and nip them in the bud.

Why Your Dispensary Should Use Live Chat Right Now

Implementing live chat right now will streamline your customer service operations and keep your customers happy – all at very little cost to you. With so much confusion about hours and changes to operations because of COVID-19, live chat helps make it easy for customers to get the answers they need.

Live chat can help your staff to quickly answer questions and solve problems, ensuring that your customers stay on your site—and away from your competitors. Research shows that good customer service results in increased customer loyalty and spending. If a customer has a question or concern, they may look to a competitor for better service. A live chat service can promptly help them out, keeping them satisfied and strengthening the bond between customer and business.

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Lastly, live chat is quick and easy to set up, regardless of how your site was built or is currently being maintained. If time and effort are a concern, rest assured that a thriving live chat service can be implemented in just one day.

How Dispensaries Can Use Live Chat

How you set up live chat will depend on how your dispensary’s website was built.

If you are using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, look for a live chat plugin that has the features you want in a chat service. Take some time and do your research to find a plugin that does what you need at the price point you want. Price and features tend to vary so make sure to shop around!

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If your website is maintained using an HTML editor, most live chat plugins can be installed by pasting a snippet of code to the back end of your website. Most live chat services or plugins will have step-by-step instructions that can guide you through this process.

Additionally, think carefully about which pages you want your live chat to appear on. If you decide to place a chatbox on every page, you may wish to consider using custom messaging to make them more relevant

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