Get Your Message Across: Dispensary Website Copywriting Tips

Copywriting is the glue that holds your website together. In order for your dispensary website to attract customers and make sales, it must use well-written copy to demonstrate the value of your products and to guide potential customers towards buying them.

Copywriting Tips

What does copywriting for a dispensary website actually look like?

What Is Copywriting and Why Do You Need It?

Copywriting is one of the most critical elements of marketing and advertising. Effective copywriting helps businesses to communicate with potential customers in order to demonstrate the value of its goods and services, and drive viewers towards taking action.

Copywriting is writing that aims to capture leads, educate customers, make sales, and achieve other marketing objectives. It appears everywhere from billboards to flyers and email newsletters.

Why does your dispensary website need copywriting?

Because copywriting is the invisible hand that pushes your site’s visitors towards taking the actions that you want them to. Whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or loyalty program, or purchasing the latest product in your store, copywriting uses words to compel viewers into taking action.

Dispensary Website Copywriting Tips

There are some things you should keep in mind when writing copy for your dispensary website. Here are 5  copywriting tips that can make your dispensary website more effective.

Create Enjoyable And Unique High-Value Content

With copywriting, you should always be focusing on quality over quantity.

SEO copywriting is a specialized form of copywriting that focuses on creating high-quality content that your audience will enjoy. SEO copywriting not only builds rapport with your audience but will also push your site up Google’s rankings through the use of specific keywords.

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One way to take advantage of SEO copywriting is by featuring a cannabis blog on your dispensary’s website. Through your blog, you can cover topics such as cannabis education, cannabis culture, and product promotion. Effective SEO copy will push your audience down the marketing funnel towards making a purchase while giving your website a serious SEO boost at the same time.

Make Use of Effective CTAs

CTAs (calls to action) are used to direct users and tell them what you want them to do. They directly communicate to viewers what they should do next. But if written incorrectly, they can lose their power to influence.

CTAs should be short, direct, and clear. Additionally, the most effective CTAs instill a sense of urgency in readers that inspire them to take immediate action. Some of the most common CTAs you’ll see on the web – like ‘sign up today’ and ‘click here now’ – employ this tactic.

Words like ‘now’, ‘immediately’, and ‘today’ can get viewers moving right away.

Remember to be direct and clear with your CTAs. Run-on CTAs can lose the reader’s attention and lose their effectiveness in the process.

CTAs can be placed anywhere you need them including your homepage, blog posts, email newsletters, and social media posts.

Do More With Less

Oftentimes with copywriting, more is less. If your copy drones on for too long, you risk losing your audience’s attention.

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Whenever possible, your copy should be short and sweet. Say what you need to say, but be concise about it. Filler copy or unactionable writing can annoy readers and have them clicking away quickly. According to one recent review, 55% of pageviews get only 15 seconds of time. As such, it’s important to keep readers glued to your words in order to avoid losing them.

One way to make the most out of fewer words is by using powerful and authoritative words and phrases in your copy.

Use Powerful & Authoritative Language

Using powerful and authoritative language in your copy and your blog posts will draw readers in and keep them hooked. Powerful, strong words can drive emotion and inspire excitement and action.

Powerful language makes your readers feel something. This type of authoritative language is more likely to resonate with your audience and is more likely to inspire them to take immediate action. What kinds of power words should you use in your copy? Check out this list courtesy of Smart Blogger.

Avoid Misspellings & Other Mistakes

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This one may seem obvious, yet many professional business sites are still littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Don’t underestimate the importance of running your copy through a spellchecker before posting in on your website.

Having these kinds of errors on your website can come across as unprofessional, leading your audience to assume that the rest of your business may be as well. User experience is an important factor in Google’s algorithm, and if your audience is clicking away quickly because of goofy spelling mistakes, your site’s SEO will suffer.

Of course, the best copywriting tip? Have someone that knows what they’re doing handle your dispensary website copywriting. With MediaJel’s dispensary website service, you not only get a high-quality website theme, you also get expert copywriting. Contact us to learn more.