Dispensary Blog Post Ideas You Can Write Right Now

Your customers rely on you for information about your products, the cannabis industry, and more. Make sure they can easily find it by hosting a cannabis blog on your website.

dispensary blog post ideas

Not sure where to get started? Steal these dispensary blog post ideas and get writing!

Dispensary Blog Post Ideas: News Updates

Is rec legalization hitting the ballot in your area this November? Have changes been made to your state’s marijuana program? Any big milestones in the industry you’d like to share?

Sharing news that impacts your customers is a great way to build trust. You can also share local news that impacts your community, such as upcoming food drives or information about other community programs.

The Basics

Cover the basics! Share what you know about THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, as wells as terpenes, consumption methods, product types, and more. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Make sure that your customers are knowledgeable about what you’re selling and how it can affect them.

  • What are Cannabinoids?
  • What is the Endocannabinoid System?
  • The 5 Most Common Terpenes
  • How to Use Concentrates
  • Cannabis Dosage Basics
  • How to (pack a bowl, roll a joint, etc.)

Product & Vendor Highlights

Your blog is a great place to share info about the products you carry and your vendors.

You can cover the features of different strains, the different products made by your vendors, or even do a roundup of products with certain characteristics.

dispensary blog post ideas 2
Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Surprising Purple Strains that Will Knock Your Socks Off
  • Get Some Better Sleep with These Strains
  • Kick Anxiety to the Curb with These Cultivars
  • Knock Out Pain with These High-THC Products
  • Vendor Spotlight

Local Posts

One way to connect with your customers and to boost your local SEO (so people searching for a dispensary in your area find you) is to create posts about local events or businesses.

dispensary blog post ideas 3
For example, because the coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to order takeout from our favorite restaurants instead of dining in, we’ve done roundup posts for our clients featuring some of the best takeout options in their neighborhood.

Lifestyle Posts

You can add your dispensary’s personality to your blog post in lifestyle posts. If you’re focused on wellness for example, you can share some yoga pose and strain pairings or highlight topicals for post-exercise.

  • Yoga + Meditation: How to Get Started
  • Why Your Cannabis Journal is a Great Resource
  • 5 Hiking Tips to Make Your Next Journey a Blast
  • Best Music to Get High With

Once you’ve completed your posts, you’ll want to source photos, upload everything to your blogging platform (we recommend WordPress), and then optimize your posts. Once it’s time to hit publish, don’t forget to get the word out!

Here are some other great resources we’ve put together to help you on your way to publishing success.