Start Selling Online with Dispensary eCommerce Software

Up-to-date menus matter to your dispensary customers. Often, customers will stop by a dispensary because they know what they want is in stock. Why not make it even easier for them to get their hands on your products by monetizing with a digital menu?

Dispensary eCommerce software can help you generate online cannabis sales. Several options are on the market—from free solutions to fully-integrated suites that can help your cannabis dispensary handle every part of your business.

Dispensary eCommerce Software: Online Sales is Key for Growth

Forty percent of Americans shop online monthly—and that number is expected to increase annually. As a consumer yourself, you’ve likely made several online purchases. Stop for a second and think about why. Likely, you wanted to save time or found it easy to just order online. That’s how most of us feel about online shopping. That same feeling can extend to ordering cannabis online.

Offering online cannabis sales through dispensary eCommerce software will save your customers time and make it easy for them to get their hands on your high-quality products. Even when delivery is not included, the ability to order exactly what you want online and simply pick up your completed order in-store is convenient for both customers and dispensaries. Online pre-ordering can increase your sales and customer loyalty.

If you’re interested in online sales, you have a couple options available. The first is to monetize your digital menu (or create a digital menu) using an eCommerce software. Alternatively, you can join an existing online dispensary marketplace, like Jane, Green Rush, Leafly, or Weedmaps that allows you to list your items alongside products from other dispensaries. For this article, we’ll be covering software.

What to Look For in a Dispensary eCommerce Software Solution

dispensary ecommerce software features
If you’re looking to offering online sales for cannabis, make sure your software or platform has the following features:

Easy to Shop

When it comes to online sales, simplicity matters. Visitors to your eCommerce site should be able to easily find what they want, place it in their carts, and pay for it.

Inventory Integration

No one likes getting an email saying that their order was canceled because a product wasn’t available. Inventory integration between your dispensary eCommerce software and your in-store point of sale system is essential for keeping customers happy. A quality platform will update inventory quantities to reflect sales so you don’t have to.


Your customers are shopping on their mobile phones. From our data, 75%+ of all visitors to dispensary websites are on a mobile phone or tablet. Any eCommerce software you consider should have a responsive mobile version of the menu. Enable customers to browse, add products to the cart, and checkout within a few clicks.


Any eCommerce software you look at should give you information about who’s visiting your site, where they came from, and what actions they’re taking. This information can help you finetune your eCommerce site to help you maximize your sales.

Additional Features

Some software solutions allow for integration or implementation of loyalty programs, as well as delivery tracking, email management, SMS marketing, customer chat, and more.

Ready to monetize your digital menu with dispensary eCommerce software? Contact us and we will provide our best recommendation to get you set up and growing your online sales!