How MediaJel’s Google Ads AI Gets its Data

We’re really excited about our Google Ads AI. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s our machine-learning platform that helps us better optimize campaigns for our clients so they see higher returns. Pretty great, right?

Right now, we’re the only ones offering this kind of data-powered advertising in the cannabis industry—and our clients are definitely benefitting from it.

Google Desktop

You may be familiar with machine learning in general. It’s a part of AI, and it’s responsible for how tech gets smarter. Essentially, it’s the way software can take on new knowledge without being told to do so explicitly.

It’s like a self-reinforcing mechanism. The software takes in new data and starts to see patterns and make connections. The more data it has, the better it can do this. It also makes it more efficient so it can start seeing those patterns more quickly, finding the right kind of data faster than a team of ten people ever could.

Now, imagine having this power behind your advertising campaigns. With each of your campaigns getting better every day thanks to the data they’re collecting.

With MediaJel’s Google Ads AI, you can benefit from this technology and increase your revenue with ads that truly work for you.
So how do we do this?

The Cannabis Industry’s First Google Ads AI

Dispensary Google Ads Machine Learning Cannabis
Our team of certified Google Ads experts takes our software’s recommendations and pairs it with their own extensive knowledge of dispensary Google Ads to create strategies that increase our clients’ revenue.

For example, one of the places our software gathers data is Facebook. If people are talking about a cannabis brand, you probably won’t know unless they tag you.

However, our software can find brand mentions and determine the sentiment around those mentions. Are people talking about loving a brand or are they disappointed? How many people are having these discussions and where?

If people are positively talking about High Season prerolls in your target market and you happen to carry that brand, you can then use that info to bid on keywords related to the brand and create branded ads to capitalize on this positive chatter.

On the other hand, let’s say you’re already running ads for a product that people are talking about negatively. No one wants those bad associations made with their brand. But because the people talking on social media aren’t tagging you, you haven’t seen those comments.

Thankfully, our machine learning software can see these conversations and clue us in to them so that we can change your advertising strategy and minimize the impact of negative chatter.

This type of data gathering and analysis allows us to react more quickly and effectively to trends and news so that your dispensary can protect its bottom line and grow its sales.

What Does MediaJel Google Ads AI Do?

Dispensary Google Ads Machine Learning Google Ads
MediaJel’s new AI software connects real-time trends to dispensary Google Ads campaigns, supercharging performance and increasing ecommerce sales and revenue by more than 25%.

Using a combination of historical campaign data, real-time weather data, social media signals, and news sentiment aggregation, our machine learning technology creates models around a variety of rich data sets. This extensive modeling produces dynamic bid strategies that respond to trends and shifts in demand, thus yielding greater returns.

That means we can now create more high-converting Google Ads even faster to help our clients increase their bottom line while finding new customers.

Plus, these campaigns will be more effective than they were before—which is really saying something. Our dispensary customers were already seeing great returns on ad spend on their advertising investments. Now, we’ll be able to improve upon our own performance and take our clients’ campaigns up several notches.

With MediaJel’s machine learning, we’ll be able to create ads that lead to even more clicks, increasing our customer’s return on ad spend and creating a renewable pipeline of online revenue. When created as part of a larger dispensary advertising strategy, our new Google Ads machine learning campaigns will help our clients become market leaders

Where Does MediaJel AI Pull Data From?

To get as much data as possible, our artificial intelligence looks at different APIs.

If you have ever tried to get two different programs to talk, like connecting your gravity forms to your MailChimp account, you’ve probably seen an API code. If you have bought something from a website and paid with Paypal, you’ve used an API.

What you may not know, though, is that a lot of popular sites use APIs to show you a broad variety of information. For example, if you want to see what’s happening today, you might check Google News. Now, Google doesn’t have its own news service. Instead of hiring journalists and photographers, they source stories from digital newspapers and news stations across the world, and they give it to you all in a simple format. You don’t have to look in different places to get your local, national, and international news. It’s all conveniently available in one place.

Our AI taps into a variety of data sources in a very similar way. It uses an API connection to follow weather predictions, news aggregators like Google and Bing, and even social media sites to cluster data that can be subsequently sorted to identify patterns.



Dispensary Google Ads Machine Learning Weather
What does the weather have to do with cannabis, you might ask.

Well, cannabis is a consumer good, right? And just like any other retailer, dispensaries experience ups and downs based on weather conditions. Fewer people may brave a storm to buy some edibles. But weather predictions can also have a positive effect on sales.

For example, because our AI is constantly collecting data, it will recognize that during the last predicted thunderstorm, your website visits increased x percent the day before.

So how would we use this data?

Well, if a storm is predicted and we know that more people will be searching for cannabis products at that time, we can increase our ad spend and bids to capture more of those sales.

Maybe people are more likely to purchase a certain type of product before a snowstorm, like flower. When data is fed into our AI, it notifies us to create campaigns centered around flower.

By pinpointing these types of behaviors and patterns, our AI can help improve bidding strategies to increase spend efficiency. That means that you’ll get more for your ad spend and pay less for each click. It truly adds value to every campaign.



Cannabis is in the news. There’s talk of legalization in certain states, de-scheduling nationally, social programs, medical research, and more.

Sometimes certain companies and brands show up in the news, too, and this can impact consumer behavior.

Let’s say there’s a favorable story about an edibles brand that your dispensary happens to carry.

Our AI can spot this article, which may have otherwise been overlooked because there’s just so much news out there. Knowing that positive press can lead to increased sales, we can use this data from our AI to create branded campaigns that mention the brand to get more people to click through to your website and order from you.

Because our AI software takes in more news pieces than a team of 10 people can possibly stay on top of, when it finds popular articles that it believes could lead to an increase in interest in certain products, we can create product-specific campaigns to get more clicks and drive more revenue.

On the other hand, let’s say there’s a negative piece of news about vaping. Our AI would clue us in to this and the correlation between previous negative pieces about vaping and declining sales. We can then change ad copy to ensure that vape cartridges aren’t mentioned so that consumers looking to learn more about that news story won’t see your ads and create that negative correlation between your dispensary brand and vaping illness.

Here’s the thing: Cannabis is in the news now more than ever before. If you want to benefit from this free exposure, you need to implement a digital advertising strategy with MediaJel. A strategy that allows you to sort through all of that information quickly and identify patterns.

That’s what our AI does. It looks at Google News and Bing News, among other sites, to get the most up-to-date information. These sites pull in news from hundreds of organizations, and you can benefit from all of that data.


Social Media

Dispensary Google Ads Machine Learning Social Media
Social media has a similar problem. A lot is happening on social media right now and it can be pretty difficult to stay on top of brand sentiment or be a part of every conversation around cannabis. People are constantly chatting about the cannabis products they’re trying and the dispensaries they’ve visited. Sometimes, they may tag you so that you know they’re talking about you, but not always.

Now, just imagine what artificial intelligence can do with all that information.

By sorting through all the mentions of a brand and noting the sentiments associated with those mentions, our AI can help you spot consumer trends so you can help shape them from the beginning rather than riding the tailwind or completely missing out.

Basically, you can learn more about what your ideal audience is interested in so that you can create better ads to target them. By looking at social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, our AI can learn more about your ideal audience and what matters to them. It can help create bidding strategies for more suitable keywords that will encourage them to click on your ads and order from your dispensary.

Historical Data

historical data google ai

You may know that Google offers the ability to see the historical data for your own past Google Ads campaigns as well as keyword trends. The idea behind this is that by knowing how well your campaigns have performed over time, you can optimize them to make them better.

Similarly, by seeing how certain keywords have performed over time, you can decide whether to bid on them or not.

While this can be really useful, it’s not a robust solution for gathering and analyzing data.

With our AI software, we’re able to gather more information about past campaigns and keywords. Ultimately, it’s not just about the data gathering though. Having a tool that can help recognize patterns and trends faster and efficiently is invaluable. It’s the difference between being able to capitalize on a trend, or missing the boat.

With our AI, we can see which days or weeks are best for what types of campaigns, what words are more effective for scoring clicks, and which keywords resonate the most with the people you want to target. It’s like having a secret window into what makes your target audience tick. Our AI is constantly learning and can provide you with insights into your target audience that would take a team of marketing experts weeks to determine.

The MediaJel Difference

Dispensary Google Ads Machine Learning Google Ads
It’s not just our AI technology that is scoring these amazing results.

Yes, we have constant data gathering and analysis going on that’s powered by the world’s first Google Ads AI for the cannabis industry. But we also have a knowledgeable team that knows how to make the most of it. After all, what’s the point of a powerful tool if you don’t know how to use it?

We have trained Google Ads specialists who participate in ongoing education to maintain certification and stay on top of best practices so that we can continue to run high performing ads for our clients. We invest in furthering their skillset because we know it will benefit everyone who works with us. We have skilled copywriters creating engaging content that converts while remaining compliant with both state regulations and online rules.

Google Ads are text ads, so what you say can have a big impact on whether or not people will click your ad. Succinct ads that are relevant to the keywords you’re targeting is crucial.

We’ve run thousands of ads for dispensaries across North America. It’s totally possible—you just need to know what is and isn’t acceptable and steer clear of problematic words and phrases. Otherwise, you run the risk of not just having your ads dropped from the platform but having your whole account shut down.

Each of these pieces alone isn’t enough. By connecting these components and applying them to each campaign we do, we’re able to consistently create, run, and manage high-return campaigns for our clients.

In fact, after running ads for a month, 98% of clients choose to increase their ad spend to further fuel this revenue-generating advertising with MediaJel. We’re seeing this even more right now as retailers ramp up advertising for the upcoming holiday season.

Our process for creating, managing, and optimizing ads helps our clients reach new customers and convert them into loyal customers. We handle all of the heavy-lifting and put our expertise to work to generate sales for you.

Many dispensaries have seen their Advertising budgets slashed. With MediaJel’s Google Ads AI, you can maximize the budget that you have to drive more revenue and make the case for an increase in your marketing budget.