Virtual Events Your Dispensary Should Hold Right Now

Zoom feels like it’s a way of life right now. And while COVID cases are down and some areas are returning to business as usual, dispensary virtual events are here to stay. They’re convenient, they can reach more people, and you can record them to share over and over again. You can even use a tool like Restream to automatically reshare a virtual event and stream it to your social accounts.

Events allow you to showcase another part of your dispensary and mission. Carrying the products your customers want is great, but what about showing them how to use them or to integrate them into their life?

Educating your customers is a great way to build a bond with them and nurture that relationship so they come back to your store time and time again. When a customer knows they can trust your dispensary for both quality products and good advice or fun events, it helps engender loyalty. And in this day and age when it’s easy to switch brands, that loyalty is more important than ever. If you want to maximize the lifetime value of your customers, you need to hold on to them and provide them with an experience that they enjoy so they’ll continue to shop with you and recommend you.

So what kind of virtual dispensary events can help you achieve that goal? We’ve brainstormed some to get you started. Use these ideas as a springboard and add your own creativity to the mix to create something unforgettable.

Medical Dispensary Virtual Events

How to Get Your MMJ Card

Yes, there are blog posts and how-to sites out there sharing how to get your MMJ card, but many patients still turn to dispensaries with questions. Why not make it easy for them by hosting a virtual event that walks them through the process? You can easily restream this event monthly, host it regularly, or just tape it once and stream it on your website. It’s a great resource for soon-to-be customers and can help build some loyalty!

Using Cannabis to Manage Your [Fill in the Blank]

One of the big problems with medical cannabis is that, unlike a prescription, it’s not clear how patients should use it. This leaves patients in the dark when it comes to managing particular symptoms or qualifying conditions. Why not illuminate them with a series on how to use cannabis for glaucoma, nausea, and other qualifying conditions? You’ll want to scour the medical cannabis literature to learn more about how medical cannabis has been used (high-THC, low dose, high-CBD, orally, smoked, etc.) for the different symptoms.

Finding Your Ideal Dose

When patients get a prescription, a dosage is generally specified for them. That’s not the case with cannabis though. (Take two puffs in the morning… can you imagine?) Why not help your patients dial in their perfect dosage by explaining different consumption methods, how long it takes to absorb THC and CBD with those methods, and how to find the right dosage.

Adult-use or Medical Dispensary Virtual Events

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Intro to [Fill in the Blank]

Do you get a lot of questions about the endocannabinoid system or the entourage effect? Are you trying to share more information about terpenes? Quiz your budtenders to find out the most common questions and use them as a basis for a short virtual event or a general Q&A session. You can even connect with a cannabis educator to provide insight into a particular topic.

Marijuana Law Primer

Yeah, we get it. The law doesn’t seem like a sexy topic. However, it sure is a useful one. Cannabis laws and regulations vary by state, city, province, etc. This can get your customers in trouble! Help them understand what’s ok, and what’s not. You can cover purchase limit, possession limits, where people can enjoy cannabis (only indoors? consumption lounges?), what kind of rights employees have (Do they have to be drug tested? Are there laws protecting medical cannabis patients from being fired), safe storage suggestions and more. Once you start thinking about the different legal ramifications of marijuana use, your sure to come up with plenty to cover!

Wellness Events

Wellness is big, and cannabis and CBD have found their way into the niche. If your target audience is into wellness, why not host some yoga or meditation classes or events? Partner with a local studio and you can host regular virtual gatherings.

How To…

Has your team mastered the art of rolling a perfect joint? Do you want to share your love of dabs with your customers? Do you have a cannabis recipe that’s to die for? There are so many products out there and different methods for using them. Share your expertise with your customers!

Product or Vendor Spotlights

Cannabis concentrates and edibles are selling more since the start of the pandemic. Consumers seem to be experimenting more and using more products than flower or vapes. Why not give them some brain food by showcasing different products or vendors?

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Home Cultivation

If your state or province allows for home cultivation and you sell seeds, why not help people get started? You or an expert can talk about what it takes to turn some seeds into high-quality bud. You can even do a whole series on the process to make sure that you cover everything!


Everyone loves music! Why not do a virtual talent show or highlight some of your favorite local musicians? It’s a great way to celebrate your local music scene and bring some fun and excitement to your customers.

You don’t have to do all of this yourself, of course. There are plenty of brands and experts willing to partner with dispensaries for events.

Just ask!