Expand Your Reach By Focusing on Dispensary Voice Search Optimization

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant want to help you grow your dispensary. How? All of these virtual assistants are primed to answer your customers’ and potential customers’ answers. By focusing on dispensary voice search optimization, you can take advantage of one of the latest tech trends and ensure that your dispensary shows up as a relevant response to cannabis-related queries.

Consumers are already using voice search in a variety of ways. Some of the most popular uses include:

  • Retrieving Local Information: Finding restaurants, cannabis dispensaries, ordering food, making reservations, where the closest gas station is, etc.
  • Getting Directions: How do I get home?
  • Checking the Weather: What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?
  • Checking Sports Scores or Team Schedules: Did the Golden State Warriors win today?
  • Recreation: Finding music events, sporting events, movies, etc.

Here’s what you need to know about voice search.

When Are People Most Likely to Use Voice Search?

Predictably, people are most likely to use voice search when they’re driving (52.8%). This makes sense since no one wants to type in a search query while they’re driving (not to mention the fact that driving and typing or texting are dangerous).

Dispensary Voice Search Optimization usage chart

What Are Google’s 4 Micro-Moments and Why Are They Important to Voice Search?

Cannabis consumers are no different than any other consumers. As far as cannabis-specific searches, cannabis “voice searchers,” like all voice searchers, have more urgent needs in mind than online searchers. Google defines these as “micro-moments.” And unlike traditional search, voice searchers want answers instead of pages of links.

Google has defined 4 types of micro-moments. Let’s take a look at each and see how they apply to cannabis.

I-Want-To-Know Moments

In the I-Want-To-Know Moments, the consumer is looking for information. They’re researching, but they’re not necessarily in “buy mode” yet. A typical query for this is something along the lines of, “What’s the best cannabis strain for a migraine?”

Dispensary Voice Search Optimization screen grab


I-Want-To-Go moments features individuals who are prepared to make a purchase. These individuals may be looking for a dispensary close to them or want to get directions to a dispensary. Sample queries for this type of moment include, “Where is the closest dispensary?” or “How do I get to XYZ Dispensary?”

Dispensary Voice Search Optimization screenshots


Also known as “how-to” moments, these type of searches can occur before or after a customer has made a purchase. Basically, they want to learn (or get help) with “how to” do something. For cannabis users, a possible sample question may be, “How do I consume edibles safely?”

Dispensary Voice Search Optimization screenshot question


Buy moments are, of course, magic to the ears of retailers. The consumer is ready to buy…now! And, they need to know what to buy, how to buy, or what deals are going on.

Dispensary Voice Search Optimization deals

How Do I Take Advantage of Dispensary Voice Search Optimization?

One thing is clear: dispensary voice search optimization is the next step in digital dispensary growth, especially as people rely on their phones more for searching. Above everything, be mindful of the fact that when it comes to voice search, it’s all about mobile.

When it comes to mobile search, location plays a role in 80 percent of all searches. Therefore, in order to take advantage of dispensary voice search optimization, you have to make sure you’ve set up your site correctly for local search:

  • Google My Business page: Ensure your Google My Business page is set up correctly, verify all the information is correct (name, address, phone #, hours of operation, correct categories), that you’ve uploaded 5+ photos, and that you have a unique description, etc. (If you haven’t registered your business for Google My Business, you can register here.)
  • Reviews: Google places a high value on the number of reviews you have and how consumers are rating you—and so do your potential customers. Make sure your team is well-trained on how to encourage customers to leave reviews (and how to address negative comments).
  • Photos: Most business owners don’t realize it, but Google likes — er, really likes — photos, especially original photos and geo-tagged photos. It pays off to take the time to snap some original photos or hire a professional to take some great shots.

(Learn more about optimizing for voice search.)

Of course, the easiest way to take advantage of dispensary voice search optimization is to have an expert handle it for you.

At MediaJel, we focus on helping dispensaries reach their target audience.