Why You Should Use WordPress For Dispensary Websites

WordPress sometimes struggles to shake itself of its reputation as a blogging platform. However, in reality, WordPress has developed into a full-on web publishing and content management system, more than capable of handling dispensary websites.

In fact, WordPress now powers nearly a third of the world’s websites. Its websites also generate enormous amounts of content and traffic. The platform’s pages are viewed more than 15.5 billions times each month and produce over 300,000 words of content each minute.

People love WordPress, and it’s not hard to see why. Apart from allowing you to build immersive and engaging websites without serious technical knowledge, WordPress also has several other advantages.

Here are 3 reasons why you should host dispensary websites on WordPress.

WordPress Themes And Plugins Give You Incredible Flexibility

Many of the people using the WordPress platform are neither developers nor designers. For years, much of the platform’s appeal has been centered around its simplicity and ease-of-use when compared to traditional web-building tools.

One of the ways that WordPress maintains its simplicity is by offering users an avalanche of pre-built themes and plugins. These customizable tools provide users with the ability to build unique, engaging, and interactive websites, all without any serious technical knowledge.

If you are seeking to re-design your dispensary’s website, themes can provide you with a great starting point. Otherwise, plugins can be used to implement all kinds of new site features ranging from contact forms to added security.

Want a theme designed specifically for dispensaries? No problem? MediaJel has you covered!

WordPress Keeps Dispensary Websites Safe And Secure

WordPress was designed with security in mind and is considered to be a safe and secure platform for blogs and e-commerce sites alike.

WordPress makes a point of protecting your content and your reputation. Moreover, regular updates make sure that the platform’s security is never far behind the latest security issues or concerns.

dispensary website laptop typing
The platform’s customizability features even extend to your website’s security. Downloadable security plugins can make dispensary websites even more secure. Numerous free plugins exist to help you customize your site’s security with little to no technical knowledge.

The WordPress Community And Support Team Is Here For You

One of the great things about using WordPress is that help is never far away.

Because so many websites are now built and maintained through the platform, an enormous online community has developed around it. Users of all skill levels are online 24/7 and ready to help you however they can. The platform’s thriving online community will gladly provide you with the guidance, advice, and assistance you seek.

dispensary website wordpress on phone
Additionally, an entire sub-genre of web development education has been dedicated to WordPress. You can find WordPress courses and classes all over the web. From individual instructors at Udemy, to in-depth programs at Treehouse or Lynda, education is easily accessible.

If you ever feel like taking your skills or your website to the next level, help is never far away.

So, if you are looking to launch a new site, or simply to migrate your current content to a new platform, you should seriously consider WordPress for your dispensary website! Or better yet, let us get you set up on WordPress!