How Google Activity Cards Can Assist Your Dispensary

Google is one of the most important tools for any business to master to maximize both knowledge and reach. While Google has grown to offer services from email to word processing to file-sharing and much more, its flagship service continues to be its status as the world’s largest and most important search engine. Google makes updates to its search service all the time, but one recent change you might want to become familiar with are brand new Google activity cards.

Google activity cards are a helpful feature that allows you to view your past search history at a glance in one window. Whenever you are researching a topic, you can use Google activity cards to easily navigate back to helpful information you’ve already found and avoid searching for a specific link all over again.

What Are Google Activity Cards?

A common solution to cataloging information found on search engines in the past has been the use of bookmarks folders integrated into web browsers. What Google activity cards do is integrate bookmarking functionality into Google, allowing you to simply click a button to create an “activity card” with information related to specific search terms.

How to Use Google Activity Cards

Google Activity Cards woman on phone
It’s important to keep in mind that, for now, Google activity cards are only available on mobile devices and the Google app. While browser functionality may be on the horizon, your interactions with this feature will be limited to your cell phone.

Here’s how they work. Every page you visit on Google is logged in a tab beneath the search bar displaying your recent activity. You can browse this recent activity and click a button on the side of each link to create an activity card for that page. These activity cards can be accessed via a menu in the top left of the search page, and are categorized according to various topics.

How Google Activity Cards Can Help Your Dispensary

Google Activity Cards search
Google activity cards can help any dispensary in a variety of ways. First, they provide a comprehensive database of information that is naturally collected through the course of merely using a search engine. Furthermore, they eliminate frustrating situations where vital information can be lost by losing track of a previously viewed link.

Dispensaries can also use activity cards to create reference libraries of useful links sorted into different subjects. Beyond allowing you to see every page you’ve visited, activity cards place links into context and, over time, assemble links from different search terms into a page that is easy to browse.

For example, if you want to create a thorough resource for information about edibles, just click the activity card button whenever you come across a significant link throughout your searching activity. Eventually, the activity card topic devoted to edibles will act as an all-encompassing aggregate of information about edibles from around the web.

In addition, Google activity cards can help dispensaries by making it easier for your customers to find their favorite webpages—like your online menu, deals page, and your blog. Rather than having to navigate the bookmark system or remember your webpage of the top of their head, customers will now be able to easily access such things like dispensary hours and your real-time menu.

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