Get Comments with These Instagram Prompts

A dry social media page with little to no user engagement is a bad look for any business. If your dispensary’s social media efforts are unable to inspire engagement or get Instagram comments, you need to make changes to your content strategy.

A recent survey pegged the average number of comments per Instagram post at roughly 24.5. However, for social media teams just starting out, reaching these kinds of numbers can seem like a daunting and monumental task.

Content is king when it comes to creating interest and attracting eyes (and hopefully some foot traffic too). However, you can boost audience engagement by using interesting, relevant and effective text prompts. Here are a few ideas to help your dispensary’s Instagram posts generate more comments.

Get More Instagram Comments With Prompts That Inquire

Posing serious, thoughtful, or genuine questions is an excellent way to engage your audience. Prompts that make your audience feel like they just HAVE to answer is a solid strategy for driving engagement.

Giving your audience an opportunity to apply themselves, or their knowledge, will naturally encourage them to do so. Asking questions or fishing for opinions is an excellent method of accomplishing this.

For example, asking ‘this or that’ questions is sure to elicit some kind of opinion and may even provoke some kind of response. This kind of content is typically low-effort and low-investment, making it ideal for those times when content is needed quickly. Another simple example is ‘agree or disagree’ prompts.

Asking people for their opinions outright is more effective than people think. However, overdoing it can quickly kill your credibility and lower user engagement.

And guess what? That feedback can actually be valuable for curating your products or dispensary experience, so make sure to pay attention to the answers!

Get More Instagram Comments With Prompts That Inspire

Research reveals that some of the most viral internet content succeeds due to its ability to arouse emotion.

You can capitalize on emotionally stimulating content with similarly stimulating prompts.

Of course, it’s crucial that the feel of your prompt is in line with the feel of your content. If the two are inspiring different emotions, viewers can easily get confused and disinterested. Emotions like curiosity, amazement, uncertainty, and admiration have been noted for their role in driving viral content.

instagram comments couple laughing at phone
Social media users can also be engaged through humor. Humourous posts inspire feelings of joy and happiness. Jokes or amusing prompts can easily inspire a deluge of Instagram comments and shares. Mixing humor with anticipation or surprise can work to provoke a variety of high-arousal emotions.

When attempting to engage viewers, be careful of the exact emotions you inspire. Some posts simply make the mistake of trying too hard. Try not to be forceful with either your prompts or your content.

Get More Instagram Comments With Prompts That Share

Sometimes, merely sharing valuable, relevant, and emotionally-driven content is enough to pique someone’s interest. Focusing on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’ can open the door to interesting and genuine conversation.

instagram comments people with phones in hand
For example, sharing stories or anecdotes can inspire your audience to do the same. At the very least, it may inspire them to ask questions or provide feedback. You may be surprised by how willing some people are to relate to your content and your opinions.

Get More Instagram Comments With Prompts That Engage

Prompts that directly encourage the audience to respond are an excellent way of provoking engagement. Closing out your prompts with power words and CTAs (calls-to-action) will directly encourage your audience to take action (potentially by commenting on your post).
Getting in the habit of adding CTAs to your Instagram posts is good posting practice.