Don’t Make These Instagram Mistakes!

Social media marketing and social networking have become prominent tools in the digital marketing toolbox. By tapping into social networks, brands and businesses can increase their exposure and reach.

Instagram has rapidly become a primary outlet for brand development and customer engagement. Despite only being launched in 2010, the platform had already recorded over 300 million users by 2014, and it now has over a billion users every month. As such, Instagram provides marketers with a massive audience that has proven to be quite receptive to marketing messages.

However, Instagram mistakes are common. Posting weak or irrelevant content can produce negative results. As such, it is important to avoid common Instagram mistakes like posting without a strategy, using hashtags incorrectly, neglecting to engage with followers, or forgetting to drive traffic through links.

Keep reading to find out how you can avoid making 4 of the most common Instagram mistakes.

Posting Without A Content Plan or Strategy

Before beginning to post, you should develop a clear goal-driven strategy. Your social media marketing goals should be clearly identified and integrated into your Instagram content.

Different goals should produce different types of content, even on the same platform. For instance, a post that seeks to drive traffic through linked clicks should look different from one that seeks to raise exposure or directly engage customers.

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It is also important for your content to be relevant. Posting irrelevant or random content may seem fun or quirky but oftentimes actually comes off as unprofessional and may lead to lower engagement numbers.

Additionally, posting random or irrelevant content may distill your branding or marketing messages. Consistency is key when it comes to brand development and positioning.

Using Hashtags Incorrectly or Not Using Them At All

Hashtags are a way for potential customers to connect with your dispensary over social media. Failing to use them will limit the reach of your social media posts, and the awareness they can build.

Most importantly, hashtags should be relevant and searchable. They should function as a way for potential customers to connect with your business and its identity. Effective hashtags tend to be short and simple, memorable, and relevant within the context of your brand and social media strategy.

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When using hashtags, you should be careful to use enough of them to be effective, but not enough to confuse or annoy your audience. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but knowing exactly how many to use can be tricky.

According to a recent survey, Instagram posts with 11 or more hashtags received more engagement than those with fewer tags. However, spamming or overloading your posts with short tags tends to have the opposite effect, making content more confusing and driving people away.

Instagram Mistakes: Neglecting To Engage With Followers

User engagement is key because it can lead to retention and, of course, growth. On Instagram, user engagement usually takes the form of comments and links.

There are several ways that you can respond to comments. For example, you can answer audience questions, further develop or elaborate on your original content, or link your audience to upcoming events or promotions.

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Neglecting to respond to your audience’s comments can be perceived as being disrespectful or uninterested. If your audience is reaching out to you, you should make every effort to meaningfully connect with them.

Neglecting To Link Traffic

Lastly, neglecting to drive traffic to your website through Instagram posts means lost opportunities for growth. Your Instagram posts should include links or calls-to-action that can inspire your audience to connect more deeply with your brand.

Having links in your bio and your posts will provide a direct path for interested customers. Instagram only allows you to include one link in your bio, so it is important to make the most of it.

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People are busy and content is plentiful. If you do not directly entice people to visit your website or find out more about your business, they may not even consider doing so. You may be surprised at how quickly the average person will move on to the next piece of web content.