Flavor of Summer: Top Cannabis Drinks and CBD Beverages

Summertime is upon us, and that means one thing for the beverage industry: seltzers. It’s no secret that hard seltzers have enjoyed a meteoric rise since they hit the scene in 2016. Experts believe that seltzer’s momentum is going to continue in 2022, increasing by 22%. Cannabis companies have been jockeying for a piece of the seltzer market too, debuting their own lines of infused cannabis drinks. We’ll take a look at the emerging beverage market below.

Top Cannabis Drinks and CBD Beverages for 2022

Infused Drinks and Beverages: An Overview

Cannabis beverages have only been around since 2020. However, experts believe that the industry may have a $3 billion market cap in 2028. 

There’s one big selling point to infused beverages. They’re being touted as hangover-free. Being able to wake up after a night of celebrating without a pounding headache is one reason that many customers are choosing cannabis beverages. Most are low-calorie drinks, too, making them attractive to health-conscious consumers.

It’s also important to differentiate between hemp and cannabis-infused drinks. Any beverage infused with hemp oil will only contain CBD. In contrast, a cannabis-infused drink may contain both THC and CBD, or simply THC alone. As a result, hemp-infused drinks won’t make you feel “high,” while cannabis-infused drinks will.

Our Top 10 Cannabis Drinks and CBD Beverages for 2022

Without further ado, our 10 favorite cannabis drinks and CBD beverages for the summer of 2022. Any of these choices are sure to get your next pool party popping off.

cannabis infused beverages Cann


Cannabis beverage mainstays Cann are debuting four new flavors in 2022. Cloudy Apple Rhubarb, Golden Citrus Bark, Honeydew Mint, and Tangerine Hops each offer a different taste to titillate your palate this summer. Each new variant contains 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD per can, giving these beverages a mellow, low-key, and supremely drinkable buzz. You can find Cann for about $20 per 6 pack.


Cannabis infused sparkling beverages Artet


Artet made a name for themselves creating the first infused (non-alcoholic) aperitif. Now, they’re making a splash with their Strawberry Basil Spritz and Mango Ginger Spritz. Both contain 5 mg of THC and CBD each, giving them a bit more of a kick. They come in packs of 4 cans, which each run about $18.


cannabis infused beverages Rebel Coast

Rebel Coast

Rebel Coast earned a reputation as one of the first companies to make a zero-alcohol cannabis-infused wine. Now, they’re expanding their quiver with three new cannabis seltzer flavors. Kick back and relax with either Lemon Lime, Black Cherry, or Mixed Berry. Each contains 10 mg of THC, and costs about $15 per can.


cannabis infused beverages Lagunitas


Although you may know them for their beer, Lagunitas is also getting into the cannabis seltzer game. The California-based brewery is making their entrance into the cannabis drink industry with their Hi-Fi beverages. Hi-Fis come in 3 flavors: Cloudberry (2:2 THC/CBD), Hoppy Chill (10 mg THC), and Hoppy Balance (5:5 THC/CBD. You can find Hi-Fis for about $7 per bottle.


cannabis infused beverages Dixie Elixir

Dixie Elixirs

Dixie Elixirs are one of the biggest names in cannabis beverages. In fact, they were one of the companies to bring the idea of an infused drink to the country. Their four Elixirs – Cherry Limeade, Berry Limeade, Fruit Punch, and Half & Half, each hold a whopping 100 mg of THC each. As a result, it’s good for newer drinkers to go low and slow with Dixie Elixirs. Each bottle costs $20 pre-tax.


cannabis infused beverages Klaus


Klaus isn’t messing around with their infused beverage offering. The company brought master mixologist Warren Bobrow (aka the “Cocktail Whisperer”) to create their Mezzrole, 1851 Zombie, and Bosphorous cannabis drinks. Cans cost $12 each and hold 10 mg of fast-acting THC, which gives Klaus an edge over other cannabis beverages. 


cannabis infused beverages Wunder


Wunder has put a twist on their infused drinks that no one else seems to have picked up on yet. Along with 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD, each can of Wunder Sessions also has 2 mg of Delta-8-THC. This chemical relative of THC has some similar effects to its cousin, and the inclusion of all three ingredients helps to amplify each one’s individual powers. You can find 4-packs of Wunder for $16 each.


cannabis infused beverages Mad Lilly

Mad Lilly

Here’s a relative newcomer to the cannabis beverage space. Mad Lilly has released their first three seltzers – each with 5 mg of THC and CBD – in three flavors. You can find them on dispensary shelves for about $9 a pop.


cannabis infused beverages Hi5


Hi5 is going all-out in their blitz on the cannabis beverage industry. They’re releasing 5 different flavors of infused seltzers, each containing 5 mg of super-fast acting THC. The company claims that users will feel its effects in 5 minutes. You can find a 4-pack of Hi5 for $20.




Last but certainly not least, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Leisuretown. While this product technically hasn’t hit the market yet, it’s definitely going to make some noise once it drops. Founded by skate shoe tycoon Rob Dyrdek and world famous DJ Diplo, Leisuretown’s new cannabis beverages include 3 flavors: Cherry Vanilla, Ginger Berry, and Yuzu Lime. Each bottle has 2.5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD, making them a chilled-out option. No word on price yet.

Keeping Cool in 2022: the Summer of Seltzers

With so many exciting new cannabis-infused drinks hitting the scene this summer, 2022 is shaping up to be the biggest summer of seltzers since the advent of White Claws in 2018. But if you’re a purveyor of infused seltzers, you’ll need to get your message out before you get cans in customer hands. That’s where MediaJel can help. Get in touch with us to learn more about how MediaJel can help promote your cannabis beverage brand with programmatic advertising and premium content.