Transformative software platform with proprietary data tools and compliant MarTech solutions, purpose-built to serve cannabis, CBD, and regulated brands worldwide


Marketers in regulated businesses face unique and ever-evolving obstacles―inconsistent state and municipal legislation, unsettled advertising guidelines, and lack of access to advertising channels just to name a few.

We’re here to solve your headaches. MediaJel custom-built the industry’s best digital marketing platform for cannabis with a clear mission to break down frustrating roadblocks and help drive your business forward.

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Our Company

We help cannabis brands, retailers, and communities identify target consumers, execute scalable digital marketing campaigns, and engage in meaningful connections at every stage of the buyer’s journey―from awareness and consideration to purchase, retention, and brand loyalty.

With deep experience in programmatic and ad tech as well as long-standing media partnerships, MediaJel delivers CBD, medical marijuana, and cannabis programmatic advertising solutions for brands, retailers, and agencies worldwide.

Our industry-leading solutions remove barriers and deliver actionable data that power high-performance, high-return campaigns.

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Our Mission

We’re here to change the game.

And we’re driven by a clear purpose―to create an equitable digital marketing landscape and provide brands around the globe with access to advertising on high-quality, omnichannel media platforms.

Custom-built and proprietary, MediaJel’s compliant digital marketing and data management platform delivers precision ad target identification, multi-device and geospacial retargeting, and multi-touch attribution technologies. The best digital marketing platform for cannabis, we provide clients and partners with unmatched data transparency and real-time performance dashboards.

Cultivate consumer loyalty

People buy from brands they like. And between every digital ad and moment of purchase, there is an individual person and an opportunity for enhanced relationship.

Curate better audiences to create better connections

Our core values

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Revolutionizing cannabis marketing and driving transformational change by building an equitable digital landscape for regulated brands.

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Wow every client and every partner, every time. With that mindset, we tirelessly champion our cannabis brands, retailers, and partners worldwide.

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We’re data strategists, technologists, and pioneers. We find inspiration through challenge and embrace change with imagination, agility, and grit.

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Data Ethics

We value your business as our own. Data Ethics sit at the core of our solutions and processes. There is no compromise for ethical principles.

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We stay focused on your business goals, even when things get hectic. We tackle roadblocks. We test. We learn. We adjust. We deliver results.

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Human connections build strong businesses and transparency fosters trust. That’s a winning combination and we promise you both.

Message From Our CEO

“We founded MediaJel with a clear mission to level the digital playing field and provide regulated companies of all sizes – from single-location marijuana dispensaries to worldwide cannabis brands – with trustworthy, transparent, and high-ROI digital marketing solutions.”

Our Team

Equal parts hungry and humble, our team of wicked smart, cutting-edge innovators shares a mission-driven purpose to build the top digital marketing platform for compliant programmatic advertising and ethical data management.

We also share a geeked-out obsession with next-gen technology, a community-building spirit for the growth of cannabis, and an unshakeable sense of humor to enjoy the ride.

Jake Litke, Chief Executive Officer at MediaJel

Jake Litke

Chief Executive Officer


Ben Malone

Vice President, Digital Operations

Chris Andrews, Chief Data Officer at MediaJel

Chris Andrews

Chief Data Officer

Dana Szova, Chief Technology Officer at MediaJel

Dana Szova

Chief Technology Officer

Eduardo Silva, Chief Revenue Officer at MediaJel

Eduardo Silva

Chief Revenue Officer

Guillermo Bravo, Chief Evangelist Officer at MediaJel

Guillermo Bravo

Chief Evangelist Officer

Hannah Pruett, Director of Digital Operations at MediaJel

Hannah Pruett

Director, Digital Operations

Sadie Reyes, SVP of Operations at MediaJel

Sadie Reyes


Scott Smith, Chief Growth Officer at MediaJel

Scott Smith

Chief Growth Officer


Todd Hossfeld

SVP, Account Services

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Careers at MediaJel

We believe first-rate people are central to our business growth and to our clients’ success. So we’re building a passionate team of big data strategists, world-class technologists, and creative customer-first enthusiasts.

Always on the lookout for new talent to join our cannabis programmatic advertising company, we’d love to hear from you! Share your LinkedIn profile via email to


We thrive on helping our cannabis clients, partners, colleagues, and community succeed. And we never settle. In everything we do, we strive to break down barriers, modernize media opportunities, and champion MarTech innovations that deliver brand-building results.