Fizzle or Sizzle: How Your Lack of Differentiation Impacts Cannabis Marketing Performance with Brett Puffenbarger

Cannabis Industry Challenges Aren’t The Problem, Your Unique Prop Is

Low sales, stagnant growth, and competition gaining market share? It sounds like your cannabis brand needs a better unique proposition.

If you’ve tried hiring cannabis influencers to boost your reputation, experimented with loyalty programs and in-person events, put money into ad campaigns, or even completely rebranded your business and still haven’t seen any major wins… Your brand may be missing the mark with your unique differentiator.

This week we are joined by the one and only Brett Puffenbarger, Cannabis PR and Marketing Advisor, Consultant, and Strategist, to lay cannabis marketing on the line and discuss how a truly unique differentiator can amplify your brand’s core DNA and add value in the eyes of consumers.

During this webinar, learn how to: 

  • Inspire customers, increase brand loyalty and learn how to create experiences that connect people to your culture.
  • Distill your brand message so budtenders and consumers can easily recall it. 
  • Tips for sidestepping mistakes cannabis companies make when implementing a differentiation strategy. 

Ensure your target audience can pick your brand out from the crowded cannabis shelves and gain the market share you need to succeed and join this week’s webinar. 

If your cannabis consumers left wondering why they should care about your brand, don’t miss this webinar.

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