4 Must-Have Retail Strategies For Cannabis Consumption Lounges with Maha Haq

Cannabis consumption lounges are popping up all over the USA, not only providing a safe, fun environment to light up in but normalizing cannabis use across the nation. It’s about time!

Running a consumption lounge has similarities to operating F&B business and there are a few nuances that you will want to prepare for, like equipment rentals, clean up, ensuring cannabis customers aren’t over served, and even putting on live events. 

Not every license operates the same though, some consumption spaces are BYOW, some sell products, others are hotels with smoking friendly rooms. During this webinar we will dive into the retail strategies lounges must consider with current licensing plus a glimpse into what the future holds for normalizing mainstream cannabis use and how public spaces can be transformed to make space for safe consumption.

Joined by cannabis consumption lounge expert Maha Haq will walk us through retail mixes, budtender training, expansion strategies, compliance, and in-store and eCommerce buyer journey experiences.

During the webinar you will discover: 

  • How retail and product assortment strategies differ between dispensaries and consumption lounges
  • Putting together a winning consumption lounge team: Budtender and server education programs
  • The restrictions you need to prepare for, and what NOT to do when opening your lounge doors.
  • How cannabis brands can restructure product dosing to be served at a cannabis consumption lounge.

Learn how to prepare your business and staff for this green business venture and join us if you are considering opening a public sesh spot in your town.

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