Q4 Holiday Marketing Tactics That Make Cannabis Cash Registers Sing with Lisa Buffo

Don’t let cannabis industry challenges kill your holiday cheer! Enter Q4 with a strong cannabis  marketing strategy.

The time is upon us to prepare your cannabis brand or dispensary for the holidays, but are you ready to meet and exceed your shopper’s expectations?

Protect your bottom line and have a blast creating personalized eCommerce shopping experiences that wow your cannabis customers from Halloween to Christmas, New Years Eve, and beyond.

With our 7 cannabis holiday marketing strategies you can attract new shoppers, re-engage latent customers, and capture those impulse buyers with exciting, personalized engagements that increase average order sizes and tempt customers with shiny new product suggestions.

Joined by Lisa Buffo, Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Marketing Association we will bring a marketing strategy home for the holidays that keeps everyone fired up and coming back for more.

During the webinar you will discover: 

  • 7 essential holiday eCommerce tactics you need to implement today
  • Help shoppers fill their carts early with curated lists, product recommendations and gift guides.
  • How to keep the opportunities going and nurture your holiday shoppers into loyal repeat customers.

Keep the magic of the holidays going well into the 2023 and join us!

Webinar Highlights

The First Step in Holiday Marketing Campaigns

00:07:10 – 00:09:21: MediaJel and Lisa Buffo, CEO of the Cannabis Marketing Association, want cannabis businesses to establish solid communication before jumping into holiday marketing campaigns. Lisa Buffalo stresses the importance of alignment between systems, such as third-party service providers, emails, and purchase history tracking. Testing these elements and their functionality ensures that marketing efforts yield valuable data and insights. Businesses can plan and execute successful holiday marketing campaigns by aligning technology, processes, and team communication. 

Buffo also recommends setting clear objectives for the holiday season, using the SMART goals as a good starting point, and then figuring out the strategies and execution. She also mentions customer appreciation to increase customer loyalty.

Out of Stock? How to Minimize Bounce Rates and Deter Competitor Shopping

00:11:45 – 00:13:32: MediaJel and Lisa Buffo explore strategies to minimize bounce rates and deter competitor shopping when facing out-of-stock scenarios in e-commerce, particularly within the cannabis industry. Lisa suggests leveraging product recommendations to offer alternatives and maintain customer engagement. She emphasizes the importance of transparent communication, advising businesses to inform when the out-of-stock item will be available again and encouraging customers to join waitlists. Additionally, she suggests expressing gratitude for their patience with incentives like discount codes or freebies.

Lisa highlights the opportunity to cross-sell or upsell similar products that align with the customer’s preferences, thus preventing them from seeking alternatives elsewhere. The best way to retain customers is by providing an alternative call to action beyond simply stating that a product is unavailable. 

How Should Cannabis Brands Re-engage A Customer Who Only Purchased Once?

00:21:45  – 00:23:19: MediaJel and Lisa Buffo address the challenge of re-engaging latent customers, using the example of a buyer who last shopped around Thanksgiving or Christmas the previous year. 

Lisa emphasizes the importance of establishing a personal connection by leveraging available information about the customer’s past purchases, preferences, and potential promotional interactions. She suggests tailoring the re-engagement strategy to the individual, avoiding generic promotions. The key recommendation is to analyze customer relationship management (CRM) data and first-party information to create targeted campaigns that resonate with each customer’s specific needs and preferences to encourage their return to the retail store.

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