Get Under the Influence: Launch a Social Media Influencer Campaign & Build Brand Awareness

Build Trust Quickly with Crucial Partnerships

Authentic influencers can help provide your dispensary brand with credibility and trust, all by being themselves and sharing why they like your shop.

But is it really worth it to try to make that connection?

And how do you even go about making a deal with a so-called influencer?
Join us on as we tackle influencer marketing and decide whether working with cannabis Instagram influencers is right for you.

During our 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. The value that cannabis Instagram influencers can bring to your brand
  2. How to connect with worthwhile influencers and negotiate a deal
  3. What it takes to create a successful influencer campaign that drives new customers to your brand
  4. Why tracking the effectiveness of your influencer campaign can help you make better deals in the future

It’s finally time to decide whether cannabis Instagram influencer marketing is right for your brand. Don’t wait until it’s more expensive to get started—join our webinar and unlock the keys for a successful campaign.

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