Answers to Your Most Burning Cannabis Marketing Questions

Chief Evangelist Officer Guillermo Bravo Shares How to Get More Customers

We get it—digital marketing can be confusing.

As experts in the field, we want to share our knowledge so you can implement the best strategies for your dispensaries. Join us for our latest webinar and ask Guillermo Bravo, Chief Evangelist at MediaJel, anything you want about digital marketing!

Guillermo Bravo, Chief Evangelist Officer at MediaJel

Guillermo Bravo, Chief Evangelist at MediaJel

Guillermo has 15 years experience building impactful marketing teams. He’s passionate about spearheading initiatives to drive sales, expanding lead generation and develop intuitive strategies. Guillermo’s strength is in combining big-picture thinking, innovation, collaboration, and creativity to drive ROI-driven marketing campaigns.

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