How to Be a Marketer with an Investor Mindset with Cannabis eCommerce Expert Mike Bibbey

Tips for Managing Marketing Budgets During a Recession

“Only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change” – Milton Friedman

What if your cannabis company viewed marketing budgets as investments rather than expenses?

Does your organization have the data-driven, flexible culture needed to reallocate marketing investments during an economic downturn instead of sending budgets to the chopping block?

Cannabis Recession Marketing Tactics

Embracing an investor-focused mindset means viewing each marketing investment in terms of risk-to-reward scenarios, executing quick pivots as cannabis markets shift, and displaying fearless re-allocation of marketing funds during uncertain times.

When developing annual marketing budgets, an agile CMO must consider these cannabis recession marketing influences: market trends, product demand, and other economic influencers. A mix of short-term investments that generate quick returns and riskier investments with longer investment horizons will help confront the headwinds of an uncertain economic landscape and drive increased value for your business.

Level up your marketing acumen and learn cannabis recession marketing tips from expert Mike Bibbey. Don’t forget to bring your notebooks because we will be digging into how to approach marketing budgets with an investor mindset and pivot your investments during economic fluctuations affecting current cannabis markets.

During our 60-minute webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Flipping the script on marketing as an expense and legitimizing marketers as valuable drivers of both long and short-term business outcomes
  • Develop your competitive advantage with a calculated, data-driven marketing plan – the metrics you need to back up your initiatives
  • The long and short-term investments your cannabis business must include in your marketing strategy.
  • Develop scenario planning approaches to capitalize on new opportunities and protect marketing investments and revenue during economic uncertainty

Here’s a Preview of the Webinar:

> [7 MIN] Gauging Market Downturns and How To Pivot Marketing Spend
> [8:47 MIN] Performance Marketing Vs Brand Marketing Revenue Impacts and Measurements
> [15 MIN] Marketing Budgets Based on Business Cycles: Growth Mode Vs. Guarding Market Share
> [17 MIN] Percentage of Marketing Budgets That Should Be Used on Testing
> [19:30 MIN] Mix of Short Term and Long Term Marketing Investments
> [10 MIN] How to Advertise Cannabis Online
> [28 MIN] Customer Retention VS. Customer Acquisition Spends
> [33 MIN] Marketing Reports Your CFO Needs
> [36:20 MIN] How to Ask Your CFO For More Money
> [40 MIN] Successful Cannabis Marketing Campaigns
> [5o MIN] How Thinking Like An Investor Helps Every Marketer Grow

Contact us today and we can build out a personalized cannabis recession marketing plan for your business.

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