High Impact Mid-Funnel Marketing Tactics For Cannabis ECommerce Brands

With Angela Pih, Marketing Innovator / CMO / Brand Storyteller

What Is MOF and Why Is It Crucial in Cannabis Marketing?

The middle of the funnel, often referred to as MOF, is a crucial stage in the buyer’s journey and a point where many cannabis businesses fall short. You may have successfully driven traffic to your webpage, but what happens next? What are you offering prospective customers when they land on your site? Is it easy to navigate and make a purchase? How are you nurturing visitors if they leave?

The MOF is where trust is built by establishing deeper relationships with audiences that have shown interest in your brand. This is the essence of a strong MOF cannabis marketing strategy. By ensuring your website easily highlights your products or services, provides trust-building content, and creates a sense of urgency, you can propel visitors to take the next step in their buyer’s journey, boost sales, and keep customers loyal.

In our webinar, Angela Pih, Marketing Innovator / CMO / Brand Storyteller, walks you through high-impact mid-funnel marketing strategies for cannabis businesses. These strategies aim to improve conversion rates, reduce cost per acquisition, and create seamless customer journeys that result in more complete and satisfying customer experiences.


During the webinar, you will learn:

  • How to build deeper relationships with your audience segments and propel them to purchase
  • Top KPIs to track for optimizing your MOF cannabis marketing strategy
  • Where most cannabis businesses fail in what is mid-funnel marketing
  • Advertising tips for retargeting customers who have engaged with your content

Why Is Building Trust Important in Cannabis Mid-Funnel Marketing?

The middle of the funnel is a make-or-break stage for cannabis businesses. It’s not just about driving traffic to your site; it’s about what you do with that traffic once it’s there. From easy navigation to compelling offers, every element should be designed to build trust and guide prospective customers closer to making a purchase.

So, are you ready to transform your mid-funnel marketing strategies and elevate your cannabis business to the next level? Join us!

Webinar Highlights

Understand Cannabis Mid-Funnel Marketing

03:06 – 05:57: Jake Litke, CEO of MediaJel, and Angela Pih, Marketing Innovator / CMO / Brand Storyteller, explore the importance of understanding audience segmentation as a fundamental tool in mid-funnel engagement. Angela organizes her customer segments into four groups: frequent purchasers, high-value customers, and those with product-specific preferences. She describes mid-funnel marketing as a relationship-building phase where consumers show interest and seek to learn more – much like dating. It is an opportunity to showcase the qualities that differentiate your cannabis brand.

Cannabis brands need to tailor their mid-funnel tactics to accommodate the distinct consumer behaviors within each audience segment. Angela suggests various approaches, such as email marketing, social engagement, social ads, programmatic ads, and in-store events. Angela develops targeted campaigns to align with an intended audience’s behaviors and goals. Each tactic aims to intrigue potential customers and identify your most loyal and valuable customers.

How to Communicate With Different Cannabis Customer Segments

05:58 – 09:25: Jake and Angela discuss a variety of communication channels for mid-funnel tactics, including email, social media, display, programmatic advertising, and texting. Jake describes more broad consumer segments as frequent, infrequent, and engaged but non-purchasing shoppers. He segments those audiences into smaller groups with qualitative factors like customer loyalty, age, and brand preferences. 

Angela Pih provides insights into her approach when tailoring communication strategies based on understanding consumer activity. Using Papa and Barkley as an example, Angela discusses the need to engage their health-conscious audience with a long-term educational approach. While focusing on the health benefits of the products works well for Papa and Barkley, the strategy at KINGROLL is very different. In contrast, KINGROLL has a rapid communication cadence because of its audience’s product preference and purchase frequency.

Developing Segmented Messaging with Cannabis First-Party Data

12:15 – 15:54: Jake and Angela delve into segmentation’s massive influence on marketing results within the cannabis industry. Angela describes the impact of transitioning from mass communication to segmented messaging as “huge.” Her team applies first-party data to build direct relationships with potential customers. Then, they test several customer communication streams to see how quickly potential customers convert from the consideration phase to a purchase. 

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