Programmatic Advertising 101 with MediaJel CEO Jake Litke

Programmatic Advertising 101 with MediaJel CEO Jake Litke

The world of cannabis is ever-growing and ever-changing. With so many competitors out there, how can you keep the attention of current and potential customers? Programmatic ads help you get the most out of your cannabis advertising strategy while minimizing human error and maximizing ROI. 

Interested in learning about cannabis programmatic advertising and how it can transform your cannabis advertising strategy? Join us for an exclusive Q&A session with MediaJel CEO, Jake Litke, as we explore programmatic advertising and the latest on cannabis advertising.

During our 30-minute webinar, you’ll discover:

  • What programmatic advertising is
  • How programmatic advertising can help your cannabis business
  • Strategies to maximize your cannabis advertising strategy

Don’t miss out on this jam-packed event with our CEO!


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