Breaking Ground with Instagram Threads: A Deep Dive for Cannabis Businesses to Drive Organic Social Media Growth

Are you a cannabis marketer seeking to enhance your brand’s online presence and reach a wider audience? Join us for an insightful webinar where we dive into the world of Instagram Threads, exploring what cannabis marketers should know about this brand new platform and building out a cannabis social media marketing strategy.

Joined by Eman Abdou CEO of Blunt Creative Inc, we’ll explore how cannabis businesses can effectively utilize Instagram Threads to engage their audience, cultivate brand loyalty, and drive organic growth. We’ll also uncover the limitations and provide expert guidance on how to navigate these challenges. Learn to harness Threads’ strengths while circumventing its weaknesses to build a robust and impactful social media strategy for your cannabis business.

Moreover, as marketing budgets are scrutinized, we’ll help you decipher the strategic balance between investing in a robust social media strategy and building an effective cannabis SEO strategy. Unravel the quandary of when to prioritize one over the other, ensuring optimal returns on your marketing investments.


During our 60-minute webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The unique Thread features that can bolster your cannabis brand’s presence.
  • Actionable tactics to foster community interaction, and cultivate brand loyalty through compelling Threads.
  • Expert advice on when to prioritize a social media and when to invest in SEO.


Join us for this engaging and informative webinar as we equip you with the knowledge and insights to unleash the power of Instagram Threads and how to incorporate it into your cannabis social media marketing strategy. 

Secure your spot now and take your cannabis business to new heights in the digital realm!

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