Customer Lifetime Value: The Exact Formula for Increased ROAS in Cannabis Advertising

7/25 | 11am PST | 2pm EST

Too many cannabis businesses are prioritizing immediate, short-term gains over long-term value marketing strategies. Citing well-known pressures such as regulatory uncertainty, cash flow pressures, and market competition sound familiar? What most brands and retailers need to understand is that seeing an immediate ROAS doesn’t necessarily mean you are putting dollars into the bank long-term. Do you know how to calculate your customer lifetime value and how that impacts your marketing and advertising strategies? 

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is an effective tool for focusing your advertising strategies on ideal customer segments, yielding superior ROI and amplifying the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. CLV supports better decision-making by revealing which customer segments are most valuable over time. Join us for this insightful discussion as we unlock the potential of CLV-based strategies to optimize advertising campaigns and enhance customer engagement tactics.

What You'll Learn

During our 60-minute webinar, we’ll discover:

  • The pivotal role that Customer Lifetime Value plays in driving growth and profitability for your cannabis business.
  • How to calculate your CLV with the customer lifetime value formula
  • Which customers to target in your advertising strategies
  • How to increase customer lifetime value
  • How CLV impacts advertising campaigns and how to use this in conjunction with other KPIs

Register today to unlock the secrets to driving growth and profitability for your cannabis business. Our exclusive webinar will delve into the transformative power of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and its impact on your marketing strategies. From calculating CLV metrics to optimizing your advertising campaigns, this event is your key to maximizing your business potential.

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