4 Ways To Connect With Social Media Cannabis Influencers Right Now

As the marijuana business becomes more complex, so must the marketing strategies that support it. Whereas simple digital marketing methods may have brought results in the past, in today’s competitive marketplace, you will have to get creative.

One way to stand out from the competition is through the use of cannabis influencers on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Cannabis influencers can connect your dispensary with their following in order to promote your products, events, and marketing messages.

Finding and working with cannabis influencers that can engage and inspire potential customers can give your dispensary’s marketing efforts a serious boost.

Here are just a few of the ways that your business can make the most of cannabis influencers on social media.

Create A Social Media Moment

Moment marketing’ is a concept that involves making the most of a special moment in time. When it comes to making the most of a special moment, you can either attempt to create a viral moment yourself, or to attach yourself to one already happening.

A social media cannabis influencer can be crucial in pushing this exciting content to as many people as possible. They are instrumental in turning an exciting moment into a viral one.

If you wish to create your own social media moment, you will have to produce something exciting and engaging. For example, an attractive piece of artwork like a mural, outside or inside your dispensary. If it is inspiring, exciting, or engaging, it has the potential to become a viral moment.

Your social media moment could also coincide with another event happening at the same time. If there is a local event that is getting people excited, this may be an opportunity to attach that excitement to your brand. Be ready to seize the best opportunity whenever it may present itself!

Get Your Hashtag Trending

Influencers are a great engine for making hashtags trend on social media. Through them, hashtags can be quickly shared to a large audience that has the potential to make them trend.

Cannabis Influencers 420 hashtag
Create a branded hashtag and have them share it to their followers in reference to your brand or dispensary. Using branded hashtags will not only boost brand awareness but will actually make it easier to keep track of performance and exposure.

Knowing your audience well will make it easier to partner with the right people and share the right content.

Host an Event With a Cannabis Social Media Influencer

Experiential marketing and social media marketing do not necessarily need to be separate concepts. By hosting a local event with an influencer, you can merge the two into a unique opportunity to gain exposure for both them and your dispensary.

An in-person event demonstrates an authentic partnership between the two that is clearly communicated to the public. Choosing the right influencer is very important for achieving a genuine and authentic partnership.

Cannabis Influencers people at festival
Hosting an in-person event may be more expensive and time-consuming, but it will be more impactful than just making a virtual connection.

Interview a Cannabis Social Media Influencer

If hosting a live event proves to be too difficult, you can also connect with an influencer digitally. Interviews or other content can be digitally produced and shared through formats like blog posts, youtube videos, and podcasts.

Cannabis Influencers interview
Before you get started, make sure you agree on a few things such as content, timeframe, usage rights, payment, and a sponsored hashtag. As previously mentioned, a trending hashtag is key to pulling in viewers, and the right influencer can certainly make that happen.

Connecting with cannabis influencers can help you reach a larger audience, though it shouldn’t be your whole social media marketing strategy. To get the most out of your outreach activities, make sure you have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in place! To start, contact us to schedule a strategy session and begin building your customized plan!