Facing a Business Slump? Prep for the Future.

Often, we’re racing on a hamster wheel trying to just take care of the things that will get us through the day or the next day. When sales are fast, it can hard to keep up with smaller tasks and maintenance.

With the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 forcing many of us to slow down, it’s the right time to take stock of our marketing activities and address issues that we just never seem to have enough time for.

Here are a few places you should look to optimize with any downtime you may have.

Tackle Your Website Projects

Is your website working for you? Are you suffering from poor conversions or failing to track metrics across your site?

coronavirus marketing 1
If you’ve ever wanted to fix something on your website or wanted to switch to a whole new site, now is a good time. If you don’t have Google Analytics running sitewide, it’s the perfect time to get that set up so you can make informed decisions about your marketing, web pages, and copy.

Not only will customers be checking for info about your hours and products, but handling any maintenance now can help ensure you’re prepared for when things pick back up.

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you don’t have a strategy in place, it’s time to implement one. With budgets tighter, you want to be sure you’re showing up in search results when consumers want to make a purchase.

So how can you get started?

coronavirus marketing 2
Right now, if you’re able to offer delivery or online ordering, you need to promote those services so consumers know where to turn.

Similarly, if you’re changing your hours, closing your waiting room, or enacting other business changes, you can share information with your customers via email, SMS or a website update. If you change your hours or how you operate, be sure to update your GMB profile so customers have the latest info.

In terms of getting the word out beyond your loyal customers, PPC and Geo-Ads will help you share your delivery and pickup options to interested individuals in your area. More people than ever are online right now and PPC and Geo-Ads will get your web traffic quickly.


If you’re seeing fewer questions, it’s a great time to take a look at your operations to see how your dispensary can be more efficient. Start with one process, audit it, and determine more effective strategies, then move to the next. It will be easier to institute change during a slower period and by the time things pick back up, it will be a habit!

New Tech Setup

If you’re not using SMS, get it set up now! If some part of your tech stack isn’t working for you—if you don’t like your menu or your POS, for example—switch them up.

coronavirus marketing 3
Depending on the tech, some of the setup can easily be done from home. For example, if you want to finally get a handle on your automated text messages, as long as you have your login, you can map out your strategy and implement it from home.

Want someone else to do the heavy lifting? Whether you want a new website, need to create a better digital marketing strategy, or would like some tech recommendations, we’ve got your back.

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