Crafting a Comprehensive Dispensary Experience

What happens when your customers walk through your doors is crucial. Despite the popularity of online ordering in the cannabis space, cannabis customers still use dispensaries to discover the breadth of products available and to make their purchases. Developing a dispensary experience that is both aesthetically pleasing and satisfying to customers is essential for thriving in the emerging retail cannabis market.

While your web presence can help draw foot traffic, if your cannabis retail experience isn’t enjoyable, you’ll miss out on repeat business.

With more dispensaries available to consumers than ever before, offering an inviting retail experience to customers has never been more important. That first impression is frequently the deciding factor in whether they’ll return. And ultimately, the more visitors you can turn into loyal customers, the better.

So how do you make sure your first impression is a good one? Keep these ideas in mind.

Showcase Your Online Dispensary Brand

The first step in crafting the overall experience of your dispensary is creating an online marketing strategy. While a gorgeous dispensary design can be a massive boon to your business, customers must be able to find your dispensary, and in the age of the Internet, the best way to accomplish this is through online marketing.

dispensary experience marketing plan
A digital marketing strategy acts as a catalyst for the value that your business already offers. Establishing a robust presence on Google My Business listings, for example, can be effective advertising to display your dispensary’s unique style to the world. Most people are going to learn about you online and form their first impression of you there.

Maintaining an online presence also enables consumers to give your business feedback on what they enjoyed about their dispensary experience. Without marketing tools like Google My Business or Yelp, dispensaries only have word of mouth to rely on for reaching out to potential customers.

Crafting a Comprehensive Dispensary Experience

In designing your dispensary’s brand, it’s important to maintain a unity of theme across all aspects of your marketing. Developing a bold color scheme, a signature style, or simply a memorable name can all be an effective means of standing out among a sea of new dispensaries opening across America.

Staffing is one of the most vital aspects of managing any dispensary. Employees should be required to dress in a manner consistent with the type of dispensary you own. If you are operating a more laid-back recreational dispensary, casual clothing is acceptable, while medical dispensaries may expect their employees to dress in a more professional manner. Furthermore, employees should be kind, knowledgeable, and courteous to customers at all times. Your staff conveys the dispensary’s brand with every action they take.

Rewards and Other Amenities

The most memorable dispensaries know that trust is established with customers not through a sleek look or friendly staff, but through the deals, giveaways, and rewards programs they offer. In the cannabis space, consumers are inclined to shop at dispensaries with the best deals over any other option.

Therefore, taking time to craft deals that will keep customers coming back can be lucrative. Some dispensaries offer punch-cards with the reward of free eighths or edibles after a certain amount of purchases; others offer first-time goodie bags with grinders, lighters, flower or pre-roll joints.

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Whether you offer consumers a loyalty program or a daily series of discounts, generosity can be an invaluable tool for developing your business’s reputation and enhancing your customers’ dispensary experience. Customers will remember the business that made them feel valued far more than the business that attempted to give them a bad deal.