4 Ways To Boost Your Dispensary’s Retail Sales Right Now

Cannabis legalization is occurring at a time when the way that people shop is drastically changing. As more people make purchases on their phones and online, dispensary retail operations need to optimize their businesses to appeal to these potential customers and encourage them to walk through their doors.

Dispensary retail customers should be lured in by an excellent customer service experience, an attractive and appealing store experience, a large product catalog, and a variety of price points for cannabis products.
Simply put, if your dispensary does not have these things in place, no amount of digital marketing or search engine optimization can save it.

Keep reading to find out how you can modernize your dispensary retail operation so that it appeals to modern shoppers!

Customer Service

Customer service is absolutely critical to the success of any kind of retail operation, and dispensaries are certainly no exception.

It’s a good idea to establish a framework of ‘best practices’ that staff can refer to as they interact with customers.

Dispensaries should strive to hire budtenders that are very knowledgeable about cannabis, and that are friendly with customers.

It is extremely important that dispensary staff have a solid understanding of cannabis strains and products. Budtenders should be able to give customers information about cannabis products, as well as to dispel any misinformation or misconceptions that consumers may have about cannabis. This is especially important when dealing with first-time customers or cannabis newbies that will need all the help they can get when it comes to the modern world of cannabis.
Dispensaries that employ knowledgeable and friendly staff can successfully position themselves to serve both medical and recreational customers in their local community.

Dispensary Retail Store Experience

Cultivating a positive and attractive atmosphere is key to developing your reputation as a business and your brand as a dispensary.

Dispensaries should strive to cultivate an atmosphere that appeals to customers. Everything from decoration to organization can have an impact on the way that a customer perceives your dispensary and its products.

dispensary retail budtender showing bud
Additionally, for maximum branding impact, there should be consistency and alignment in between your storefront, your website, your social media presence, and any other efforts to engage or interact with customers. Inconsistency can quickly stop your brand from truly coming together to attract customers.

When considering design and layout, you should also consider flow. Staff and customers need to be able to move freely around the store without obstruction. Clearly establishing different areas for order pickups and shopping lineups is just one idea that can help de-clutter your space.

Making the most out of technology can also streamline the customer experience. Integrating digital point-of-sale (POS) systems through tablets or computers can make the dispensary experience more convenient for both customers and staff.

Product Catalog

Today’s modern cannabis market has expanded WAY beyond just dried flower buds. Nowadays, dispensaries that want to remain competitive vis-a-vis other local distributors will need to stock a variety of cannabis products at a variety of different price points.
dispensary retail products
Unless your dispensary strictly serves either medical or recreational customers, it’s a good idea to sell products that appeal to both of these demographics. Carrying CBD alongside THC can boost sales and position your dispensary’s brand as one that serves both medical and recreational cannabis consumers.

Additionally, because cannabis can be consumed in so many different forms, dispensaries should make sure to stock a broad catalog of cannabis products. Tinctures, vape oils, capsules, and edibles are now regularly stocked in most dispensaries. Failing to stock your dispensary with the same products as other local competitors will probably result in lost business.


Lastly, dispensaries should try to offer their customers a variety of price points.

Ultimately, different consumers will have different budgets and different preferences. By offering a variety of products at different price points, you can appeal to more customers. Plus, new users may not want to make a large investment on their first cannabis products. By carrying some less expensive products, you encourage customers new to cannabis to try something new without a large investment. Once they have an enjoyable experience, they may be prepared to spend more and learn about your other brand offerings. When coupled with a loyalty program that encourages spending, you may find that you actually make more when carrying some inexpensive items!

When combined with a solid digital marketing plan, these four factors can help equal success for your dispensary retail location!