4 Geofencing Strategies To Get Your Campaign Started with a Bang

Geofencing is a location-based mobile advertising strategy that establishes virtual ‘fences’ around geographic areas in order to deliver specific marketing messages to viewers in those areas. Instead of casting a wide net and hoping for the best, geotargeting allows marketers to spend their budget more wisely by only targeting people in very specific locations.

For geofencing to be effective, it is important to understand your customers and where they may reside, visit, or travel to. What kind of locations should you focus your geofencing on? Here are 4 geofencing strategies to get you started and to supercharge your Geo-Ads campaign.

Geotargeting People in Your Neighborhood

The most common, and perhaps most effective, geofencing strategy is to target people in your dispensary’s neighborhood. By targeting potential customers in your neighborhood, you are ensuring that the people most likely to purchase from your retail storefront are aware of its existence. Moreover, local customers can be tempted with special offers and promotions only available to them.

Setting up a fence around your neighborhood’s boundaries should be one of the very first geotargeting initiatives your dispensary undertakes. Start slowly by establishing a fence around your storefront, parking lot, and nearby businesses, then expand from there.

This is called proximity targeting.

If you are managing multiple retail locations, make sure that your marketing messages and promotions are customized specifically for each location.

Geotargeting Your Competitor’s Customers

geofencing strategies
Placing fences around competing dispensaries can also be an effective geotargeting strategy. Not only can this strategy tempt customers into doing business with your dispensary, but it can successfully keep them away from competitors. This is the geo-conquesting strategy.

Try placing fences around competing dispensaries, starting with the ones geographically closest to your storefront. Take a look at your competitor’s promotions and offer custom deals or coupons that are even better to tempt their customers to visit you instead.

Geofencing Strategies: Geotargeting People at Events

geofencing strategies events
Geotargeting events, conventions, festivals, and other large gatherings can be an excellent way to advertise to large amounts of people at once. This can be an especially effective strategy if the event is happening in your storefront’s neighborhood, or if it is an industry-related event. Local cannabis trade shows or conventions can be great locations to geotarget your promotions to. Local music, arts, or lifestyle festivals may also prove to be effective targets for geofencing.

Geotargeting Other Retail Stores

Other retail stores can also be good locations to geotarget. Think about what kinds of stores your customers are likely to shop at and consider which ones may be the most effective to geotarget. Customer data and well-researched customer personas can come in really handy when trying to figure out which kinds of stores to target. Some examples of potential targets include head shops, smoke shops, vape shops, and other cannabis-related retail outlets. Depending on your target demographic, places like local gyms, shopping malls, or grocery stores may even be effective.

Remember to keep track of your geotargeting results in order to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Think about why a specific location may not be producing results and brainstorm potential fixes or replacement locations. Or let us do the hard work for you.

Remember that action is key. Effective CTAs (calls to action) and ad copy should be squeezed into short, concise, and relevant messages that inspire viewers to act. If a specific location is not producing the results you expected or hoped for, consider that it may be bad messaging rather than faulty geofencing.

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