How to Write Title Tags for Cannabis Dispensary Local SEO

Title tags are another crucial factor in optimizing your dispensary SEO and organic marketing strategy. Looking to grow your business through broadening your online business? Read on for how to write title tags for cannabis dispensary local SEO ranking.

Write Title Tags

Meta Title Tags, also known as title elements, are placed within the <head> sections of the website HTML and describe the content and value of that particular page. Potential website visitors will see these in their search result pages, so it’s important to focus on both the correct format, while also making it entice the user to click into your site. Below we will be breaking down how your dispensary can optimize your title tags and get more user click to your dispensary website.

The Basics of Title Tags

Code Sample

<head><title>Dispensary Name in San Francisco, CA</title></head>

Ideal Format

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Dispensary/ Brand Name

Optimal Length for Title Tags

Google presents 50-60 characters of a title tag in search engine results pages. If you keep your titles under 55 characters, 95% of your titles will display perfectly across all platforms.

Where Do Your Title Tags Appear Online?

1. Browsers

Title tags are displayed at the top of your web browser. This includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and more.

2. Search Engine Results Pages

Search engines will highlight (bold) the keyword in the title tag in search engine results pages if the user completed a search using the same keyword. Your website has more visibility in search results when keywords are highlighted. The result is higher click-through rates for your page.

3. External Websites

Social media websites and other external websites use the title tag as its link anchor text. This is further implicating the importance of investing in good copywriting as it will ultimately result in more clicks to your web page or article.

Title Tags Optimization & Best Practices

Keep It Short

As we mentioned above, keep the character count between 50-60 characters, or 512 pixels wide. If the title is too long, search engines will trim titles, and show an ellipsis, “…” to indicate the title has been cut off.

Prioritize Keywords

Place your primary keywords targets at the beginning of the title tag for optimal click-through rates, and higher search engine rankings.

Leverage Branding

If character length permits, adding your dispensary name to the end of the title tag is a great way to boost brand recognition in the cannabis market. If your brand is well-known, place the brand name at the beginning of the title tag for higher click-through rates.

Consider Readability and Emotional Impact

Don’t be a bore. As we mentioned above, write creative and captivating titles to drive more clicks in search results. Prioritize user experience when writing title tags, in addition to optimization. A user’s first interaction with your brand can be through the search results page, so convey a positive message and entice them to click through to your page.


Include a call-to-action to drive higher click-through rates for your page. High click-through rates result in higher search engine rankings. Examples of this would be: Free trial, buy now, download the guide, contact us, visit us today.

Now, we’re confident you clearly understand the impact and influence title tags have on your dispensary, so don’t try and cut corners.

Format your titles correctly, implement your target keywords, and make them ‘click-worthy’ so you can bring more customers through your door!