Start These Digital Marketing Services Before Opening Your Doors

Planning on opening a dispensary soon? Don’t hesitate to make the most of digital marketing tools and services before you launch!

Waiting to get your digital marketing services going could lead to you playing catchup once your doors are actually open. After all, proper preparation prevents poor performance! Starting early will not only help you hit the ground running once you open, but it can help to build anticipation and awareness in preparation for your dispensary’s launch.

Not sure where to begin? Here are 3 digital marketing tools you should think about utilizing before opening a dispensary.

1. Launch Your Website

An active website is an excellent way to build anticipation and establish your dispensary digitally before you do so physically. A website serves as an anchor for your launch that can help to build awareness, anticipation, and interest before an official opening.

An appealing and easy-to-find website can begin growing your brand before you even make a sale. Generate interest with local content and begin listing your site on local and national listing sites wherever you can. This will help you start ranking on Google so that customers can find you via search.

An active pre-launch website can also turn pre-launch hype into an opportunity to capture leads. Signup forms and special offers can help you to begin generating leads before your store officially opens. Ensuring that your signup pages are equipped with effective CTAs (calls to action) and are shareable on social media can go a long way towards boosting their effectiveness.

2. Begin Your Local SEO Strategy

Before you open your doors, make sure you establish your dispensary’s presence through local SEO. Getting your SEO roots in the ground as quickly as possible will help your SEO efforts pick up steam and provide dividends more quickly.

Local SEO is an SEO strategy that helps local shoppers find your storefront and your online presence when searching for dispensaries in your area. Google’s research indicates that search engine users prefer their search results to be customized for their location, especially when it comes to shopping. An effective local SEO strategy will drive more web traffic to your website and more foot traffic to your storefront.

Keywords, content, on-page optimizations, and local links will all factor into your local SEO signals. Content and links with a local focus, as well as on-page optimizations that highlight the physical and local aspects of a dispensary (state, zip code, etc.), will make it easier for local shoppers to find on Google.

Creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing is crucial for local SEO. A GMB listing allows business owners to provide customers with valuable information such as an address, business hours, contact information, reviews, photos, special offers or events, and a direct link to their website. While local SEO signals can make your dispensary more visible, a GMB page will allow viewers to take action and directly interact with your dispensary.

3. Share the News with a Press Releases

Before you officially open your doors, send out a press release to let the public know about your dispensary opening.

A press release is a written statement that is meant to inform members of the media and the public of an event or development. In this case, the opening of your dispensary. If distributed successfully, press releases can have several advantages. A press release can get you exposure in blogs and media, drive traffic to your website, improve your brand’s trust and credibility, and even boost your site’s Google ranking. You can distribute through a site like PRnewswire.

All in all, a press release is a powerful digital marketing tool that can draw attention to your brand at a crucial time.
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