The Value of A Self-Service Dispensary Kiosk

Have you considered getting a self-service dispensary kiosk? If wait times have been a problem, it might be time.

Waiting in line is always aggravating, but even more so if you’re a medical patient experiencing pain or are on a tight schedule. As passionate budtenders explain the effects of strains to opinionated customers, waiting customers shift their feet and grumble.

In the newly legal states, it’s been particularly bad. The lines have been so long, enterprising folks have been charging money to give people more advantageous spots.

One solution that has been tried in many industries—from banks to fast food to grocery stores—is automatic kiosks. More and more dispensaries are installing the self-service dispensary kiosk. But how does work and is it appropriate for your particular dispensary?

Benefits of the Self-Service Dispensary Kiosk

Most likely, you’ve used the self-checkout line at your supermarket or other local store. But is it something that’s really worthwhile for a dispensary?

Depending on your business model, it just may! These benefits speak for themselves:

  • Increased Sales: Research has shown that self-service kiosks increase the average consumer purchase. Dealing with a machine means less judgment suffered when you add a chocolate shake to your burger and fries.
  • Speed and Convenience: Customers can skip the line and go to the kiosk, select their product from the menu, make their payment, and quickly be on their way.
  • Cash Reconciliation, Transparency, and Data: The cash reconciliation process for a cash-based industry like cannabis can be lengthy. All transactions occurring through a kiosk are automatically accounted for, and record keeping is transparent. This is useful later when you want to see what products sold best, track inventory, and customize your customers’ experience.
  • Security: Having all transactions in the dispensary occur through the kiosk creates a completely cashless environment. This eliminates the risks of internal theft and robbery.
  • Loyalty: Customers who already know what they want before they get to your dispensary can place their order, pay, and be on their way in minutes, deepening their loyalty to your business.

The customer service given by budtenders is invaluable, especially for new cannabis consumers, but adding kiosks will only benefit your dispensary by giving seasoned consumers more options. Most dispensaries already offer pre-order and delivery. Pre-order lockers and ordering apps are also becoming more available. This is just one more option to keep you on the frontier as an innovator.

It’s High Time

self-service dispensary kiosk 2
Bottom line, many customers would rather skip the line while picking up orders. Wouldn’t you?

Dispensaries like yours will benefit from the shorter transaction times (one service claims it takes 3 minutes on average because it will mean more customers, more profit.

It doesn’t hurt that kiosks keep budtenders’ jobs more interesting because their deep knowledge of cannabis is reserved for the customers that need it the most. And cannabis brands can wrap the kiosk in branded graphics, adding another marketing opportunity.

There is a wide range of kiosks available. Some are basic, and others are highly advanced with features like facial recognition for added security and personalization. If you decide to try kiosks, MediaJel can help you decide the best way they will fit into your overall marketing strategy.