Track These Website KPIs to Make Sure Your SEO is Working

Are you looking to increase your dispensary’s online sales? Maybe you want to boost your email subscriber numbers? How about finding out whether your site’s content is actually effective? Whatever your goal, it’s important to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) that let you know if you are making forward progress towards your objective.

There are several website KPIs that dispensaries should regularly keep track of regardless of their objectives.

Why Measure Website KPIs?

Measuring key performance indicators is an excellent way of determining whether things are on the right track or not. The best and surest way to know just how successful your website and SEO efforts are is by accurately measuring them.

But keeping track of everything can quickly become a dizzying experience. Which KPIs should you be keeping track of for your dispensary website? Here are a few that we think you should keep an eye on.

Number of Unique Visitors

unique visitors kpi tracking for dispensary website
One of the most important KPIs is the number of unique visitors that your website is attracting. As important as conversions may be, they can’t happen without your site acquiring traffic in the first place.

Unique visitors are first-time visitors to your site. A steady stream of unique visitors means that your efforts to capture traffic are working. A sudden drop or lag in unique visitors could indicate a problem with your traffic and lead generation tactics. Tracking unique visitors ensures that the doors are still open and flowing with traffic.

Bounce Rate

Knowing how much traffic your site is losing can be just as important as knowing how much traffic it is attracting. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors that only view one page before leaving your site.

A high bounce rate usually indicates that your site’s landing and entrance pages are not relevant or attractive to your visitors. If these pages don’t keep users engaged then translating them into leads and conversions is impossible.

Bounce rate must be considered within the context of other KPIs like time spent on page and offline conversions from local site visitors. If someone spends 5 minutes reading an article about one of your products before coming to your store to purchase it, it would still appear as if they had bounced away from your website. Careful not to get confused by what your site’s bounce rate actually means!

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is perhaps the most important KPI for any kind of online shop or e-commerce website. It lets you know whether or not site visitors are actually taking the actions that you want them to.

Conversion rate usually refers to the rate at which site visitors turn into paying customers. When broken down, this data can even give you an idea of which sources of traffic are most valuable and where your biggest spenders are coming from.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be about sales. ‘Conversions’ can also refer to things like email signups and social media subscribers.

Tracking your site’s conversion rates is crucial to understanding how receptive your site’s visitors are towards your attempts to push them down the marketing funnel. A low conversion rate means changes to your site are likely needed.

Top Landing And Exit Pages

Top Landing And Exit Pages for tracking website kpis
This is a sample website from one of our website themes.

Landing pages refer to the first pages that your site’s visitors land on when they visit your dispensary’s website. Keeping track of which pages your visitors are using to enter your website can give you valuable information about which sources of traffic are most effective.

Moreover, it can let you know which pages you need to optimize in order to drive more visitors through the conversion funnel and towards taking action.

Similarly, keeping track of which pages your visitors are using to exit your website can help you to identify weak links in your site’s network and determine just where you are losing your audience.

Average Time on Page

This KPI refers to the amount of time that visitors spend on each page of your website. Keeping track of how much time users spend on each individual page can give you an indication of what content on your site works and what doesn’t.

This metric is important for measuring user engagement and interest. How long should the average time spent on each page actually be? That depends on the content of the page and what it is trying to accomplish. If your page features a prominent CTA (call to action) that drives traffic elsewhere, a low average time on page is not necessarily a bad thing.

Now, these aren’t the only website KPIs you should be tracking. For more information about dispensary SEO, make sure to contact us!