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Serving Regulated Brands and Retailers: Recreational Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, CBD, Hemp, and Alcohol Products

Marketing Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis delivery services provide valuable consumer and cannabis business benefits. From medical marijuana for homebound patients to recreational product dispensaries and e-commerce, we help delivery services compliantly connect with local audiences.

The Next Wave: Cannabis Delivery Services

Retailers and consumers faced very real challenges during much of 2020. And in response, the marketplace created a great runway for new forms of commercial opportunity, entrepreneurialism, and ingenuity. The resulting shifts (earthquakes, really) in how consumers find, browse, purchase, and receive goods occurred across every industry, especially cannabis.

While many local businesses struggled to remain afloat, cannabis grew―in consumer awareness, acceptance, product offerings, footprint, and sales. The cannabis community also evolved in how it operates with rapid growth in delivery service companies across the country.

Marketing Cannabis Delivery through the Red Tape

Every state and municipality that allows for cannabis delivery services does so with a dizzying array of licensing mandates, operational regulations, and employee authorization requirements―many of which are vague or inconsistent. From tireless identity checks and legal age verifications to strict safety and security protocols, cannabis delivery services operate under the most stringent compliance regulations.

And yet, the undeniable acceleration of cannabis delivery services shows no signs of slowing down. This rapid expansion has upended many regulatory bodies and existing guidelines, with some states changing laws to specifically address and allow for a legalized delivery market. Even with these forward-moving steps, one thorn has remained relentlessly sharp―how to implement brand-safe marketing and compliant advertising for cannabis delivery services.

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Our Compliant Digital Marketing Platform Paves Your Way

Considering everything you’re required to document and verify just to complete a sale, why add marketing challenges to your list? Advertising your delivery services means ensuring that your ad campaigns are fully compliant in messaging, targeting, and placement. You cut through enough red tape simply to operate each day, let MediaJel take on this one.

We use a powerful combination of big data analytics, unique datasets curated and customized for your business, behavioral and purchase insights, and cross-device identity mapping to tailor your digital campaign strategy. Our skilled team carefully defines your targeting, retargeting, and placement parameters – including precise geofencing to capture your exact service areas. Each step in the process ensures that your ads land in front of the right person, at the right moment, on the right device, and in the right geographic boundaries.

How Programmatic Works

Programmatic advertising leverages big data, customized datasets, and AdTech software to automate what was once done manually. Using demand-side platforms (DSPs), advertisers set parameters for relevant audiences and publishers. This helps ensure that ads reach their intended audiences efficiently, wasting neither time nor money on irrelevant viewers. Publishers put their ad space up for auction via supply side platforms (SSPs), and then exchange platforms play matchmaker.

Now imagine an exchange platform with direct access to over 36,500 media outlets worldwide via a private ad marketplace? This is what we built MediaJel to do, plus so much more.

Delivery Services Benefit from Advertising with MediaJel

Programmatic advertising solutions with MediaJel provide important benefits to support your cannabis delivery business. From minimizing ad waste (the old “spray and pray” method) to maximizing your ROI, we can help you achieve your goals.

Advertising that delivers for you

Your delivery service was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. And every day, you work to improve and grow it with a “let’s do this” attitude. In the cannabis market, there’s no other way to compete.

We get it. Our passion for changing the game is why we built our digital marketing platform. Our mission is to provide advertising solutions that level the playing field for businesses like yours.

You’re ready to deliver. We are too.

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