How To Launch Your Cannabis Brand Into The Metaverse with Wes McQuillen

Cannabis Brands and Retailers, Get Ready to Light Up Virtual Reality

While much of the population is still scratching their heads over how to access the metaverse, this new frontier is already attracting some of the world’s biggest mainstream brands. Stores, meetup spaces, and branded experiences are popping up all over virtual reality, but are cannabis businesses ready to light up this space?

There are massive crossovers between gamers and cannabis audiences, and with over 400 million metaverse monthly active users and an estimated market size of over $38.5 billion, understanding the space and what’s possible could greatly benefit your cannabis business before meta real estate becomes unaffordable

We are joined by award-winning marketer Wes McQuillen, Principal at ALTER Strategies, as he sheds light on the platforms, currencies, strategies, and metrics cannabis businesses need to know to build an engaging experience for their digital customers. We’ll start with understanding what your target audiences enjoy about virtual reality, the events and experiences they are interested in, and how you can make it affordable.

During the webinar you will discover:

  • How to create the kind of experiences that align with target audience personalities and the events they love: DJ sets, art shows, night clubs, meetups, etc.
  • How brands can use NFTs for direct relationships with customers, plus the best beginner wallets.
  • How to connect social platforms like instagram with virtual meta experiences
  • What cannabis brands shouldn’t spend money trying to build in the metaverse (for now, anyway)

Are you ready to push the bounds of virtual cannabis eCommerce? Then, join us and start building long-term brand equity with your cannabis customers.

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