Weedmaps Advertising: Pay-to-Play or Scale On Your Own Terms?

93% of all searches occur on Google, not Weedmaps.

Leveraging Weedmaps advertising for the first 90 days of launching your brand, dispensary, or marijuana delivery service makes sense, but if you aren’t building out your phase 2 launch strategy—or worse yet, if you’ve been in business for a while and haven’t pivoted to building your cannabis brand on your own terms—then this webinar is for you!

Do you feel like you are being held captive by Weedmaps’ Pay-to-Play model?

Join our 60-minute webinar where we’ll take you on a transformative journey to realize your untapped potential from “just another Weedmaps dispensary or delivery service” to becoming a full-fledged, impressionable brand that builds trust and retains customers long-term.

Once you pivot off Weedmaps and play a bigger game, this positions you to leverage multiple marketing channels to hyper-target and attract more of your best customers.

Here’s what we will cover in our 60-minute value bomb webinar:

  • The painful truth behind Weedmaps advertising —we’ll reveal several daunting facts, that many of you likely were unaware of!
  • The critical first steps you need to take now before transitioning off Weedmaps.
  • The 4 proven marketing channels (with actual results) that you can leverage to gain new customers once you’ve extracted yourself from Weedmaps’ financial grip.

By transitioning away from Weedmaps, you are truly investing in your cannabis business, you can own your revenue channels and make informed decisions about business investments and control what customers see on your website or menu.

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