Local SEO for Dispensaries: 3 Things You Can’t Ignore

To draw web traffic to your site, you need a local SEO strategy. Now, for most people that means having a keyword strategy in place, writing relevant copy, and making sure their website is mobile responsive. While these on-site factors are critical for success, there are three off-site local SEO factors that you need to focus on too.

Local SEO for Dispensaries

Here’s the thing: the top three search results get 75% of the clicks. If you want to show up there, you need to implement a tested strategy. Make sure that these three components are part of your plan.

Local SEO for Dispensaries: Google My Business

Most searches happen on Google, so it’s no surprise that the search giant prioritizes its Google My Business platform when it comes to off-site SEO ranking factors.

Google My Business is a free business listing hosted by Google (though there has been talk in the past of monetizing some features). If you haven’t claimed yours yet, do it now! And if you have multiple locations, you’ll want to claim all of them.

To optimize your Google My Business, you’ll want to create a description (no longer than 750 characters) that shares what you do and what sets you apart from other dispensaries. For example, “The Financial District’s only dispensary, Dispensary Name is convenient to landmarks 1, 2, and 3. We offer the area’s best organic flower so you don’t have to worry about what you’re vaping…”

For more about how to get the most out of your GMB profile, check out the following posts.


Google knows that online shoppers love reviews and that they rely on others to share their experiences. Because of this, they’ve made reputation the second most important off-site ranking factor.

So how many reviews do you need? And do all reviews help?

You should aim to get one new review a day and maintain a star average of 4.7. Those reviews will have the biggest impact on Google itself, so prioritize their review mechanism. That doesn’t mean your other reviews don’t matter, just that Google has more impact on SEO than your other reviews.

local seo for dispensaries 2
To make sure you have current reviews, your budtenders should be asking everyone they help to leave a review. You can even create a flyer or postcard to slip in customers’ bags with a link or QR Code that goes to your Google Reviews. While you can’t incentivize, you certainly can ask nicely and let your customers know how much it means to you.

If you don’t have a reputation management system in place, it’s time to implement one (and yes, we can help!). This includes regularly checking your reviews and responding to both positive and negative reviews.


Making sure your name, address, and phone number are accurate and the same across all of your listings is crucial for showing that you’re a trustworthy business.

local seo for dispensaries 3
Because Google’s algorithm prioritizes expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, having multiple listings that say the same thing helps build credibility (plus, it helps your link building, too). Make sure you’re listed properly on industry listing sites like Weedmaps and Leafly, as well as review sites like Yelp. If you have vendors that list you as a stockist, check that they’re linking to you and that they have your information correct and in the same format (for example, if your address is 123 S. Main St., make sure that “South” and “Street” are always abbreviated across the board).

Local SEO for dispensaries can help you score a better chance of nabbing a spot in the vaunted local pack. For more SEO tips, check out our webinars. Ready to get a hard-work team on your side that will make getting you more sales our priority? Contact us to learn more.