TikTok Marketing for Cannabis, it can be done!

With Elizabeth Udell, Director of Social Media at Off The Menu

Think cannabis businesses can’t leverage TikTok to connect with consumers? Think again!

With an average of 88 million 21+ users spending 45 minutes per day on TikTok, this is a platform you can’t afford to ignore. So it’s time to get creative, engage, and start entertaining your cannabis audience.

This week we are joined by Elizabeth Udell, Director of Social Media at Off The Menu, as we showcase how to leverage TikTok and Reels in your cannabis brand marketing strategy.

Along the way, we will cover some of Liz’s favorite viral cannabis TikTok content, share tips for growing your TikTok audience, and why letting the haters hate is the best engagement strategy you could devise.

During our 60-minute webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The top cannabis content producers on TikTok
  • How to produce viral content on TikTok with a small budget
  • Make your content go further and re-purpose videos for display advertising
  • Everything you need to know about TikTok’s Algo speak (weed = ouid)

Tell us what you learned, we look forward to hearing from you.

Webinar Highlights

Do Cannabis Brands Require a Large Budget to Kickstart TikTok Marketing Content?

14:22 – 16:42: In this exchange, Elizabeth Udell, Director of Social Media at Off The Menu, debunked the notion that brands need a substantial budget to create content on TikTok. She emphasized the power of low-budget, authentic content, highlighting instances where simplicity and relatability drove significant engagement.

Elizabeth recounted situations where she encouraged her team to film casually—rolling joints on a patio or handing out a pack of joints at a party—resulting in highly viewed and relatable content. She stressed the value of authenticity and creativity, noting that expensive, staged productions might not resonate as strongly with audiences in the cannabis space.

Elizabeth emphasized the need for creative brainstorming, team collaboration, and thinking outside the box. She pointed out the unexpected popularity of mundane items, like her cannabis card, proving that relatable, everyday content could captivate a global audience interested in authentic cannabis experiences.

Elements of Viral Cannabis Content for Brands on TikTok

16:35 – 23:40: Elizabeth Udell detailed the key ingredients for creating a viral post on TikTok. She began by emphasizing the need to offer value by bringing uniqueness, insight, and something fresh. Understanding the platform’s trends and sounds is crucial for crafting content that stands out and captivates a broad audience.

Elizabeth stressed the importance of engaging viewers, especially through the comment section, citing her experience with a gravity bong that generated curiosity and conversation among viewers. She encouraged leveraging everyday environments, sharing personal experiences, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone to create relatable and compelling content.

Ultimately, Elizabeth emphasized the need for experimentation, testing, and learning from the platform, advocating for authenticity, engagement, and seizing opportunities to spark curiosity with audiences across the globe.

Tips for Cannabis Brands in keeping TikTok Posts Viral

23:37 – 28:13: Elizabeth Udell provided insights on maintaining momentum once a video has gone viral on TikTok. She capitalizes on success by leveraging the comments and interactions from viral videos to create response content.

She shared her experience at Revolve Fest, where she filmed a short video about being asked to move by security for a photoshoot by Kim Kardashian. The video unexpectedly went viral, garnering millions of views. Elizabeth capitalized on this by creating response videos that addressed comments and kept the momentum going.

She also recommends continuing a successful trend by using it to establish a series or theme that resonates with the audience. Elizabeth illustrated this by referencing her viral videos on cannabis accessories and pizza, showing how TikTok favors series or recurring themes.

Elizabeth encouraged creators not to get discouraged by occasional video failures, highlighting that perseverance and consistency are crucial on the platform. She shared her own journey, mentioning how it took her a year and a half on TikTok before experiencing her first viral video and emphasized the need to keep experimenting and evolving strategies after experiencing viral success.

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