How to Use Geo-Ads Effectively During the Coronavirus Pandemic

According to Google’s mobility report, people aren’t out and about. So how can you use dispensary GEO-Ads to increase your sales?

Geo-Ads are display and banner ads that show up during mobile search or app use. We create these ads for our customers, then use our cannabis-friendly network to get them right into your customers’ hands.

With these types of mobile ads, you can determine where and when you want your ads to appear. For example, maybe you only want to show ads when your dispensary is open. We can set those parameters so that when people see your ads, they can go directly to your menu to order.

When a customer goes to one of our in-network sites or uses an app during that time, if they’re within your target location, they’ll see your ads. It’s that easy.

How Can You Normally Use Dispensary Geo-Ads?

Geo-Ads are great for driving traffic to a specific landing page, such as your delivery page, your online menu, or your deals page.

There are three different practices we focus on when using Geo-Ads. The first is geo-fencing, which is the use of virtual fencing to specify where ads will be displayed. By drawing a “fence” around a particular area, you can better pinpoint who will see your ads. For example, let’s say that your target customer includes a lot of tourists. You may want to geo-fence tourist attractions and the nearest airport so that they see your ads when they’re browsing their phones.

Dispensary Geo-ads
You can also partake in geo-conquesting, which involves serving ads to potential customers who are near your competitors. The goal here is to draw customers away from your competition and tempt them to come visit you instead. This is a great tactic if you’re located near many other dispensaries.

The third practice is based on proximity. Essentially, you want to target the area around your dispensary to tempt customers to stop by.
When combined with special deals, these ads can help increase your foot traffic and your website—whichever goal you choose to focus on.
But with stay-at-home orders in place, is it worth it to invest in Geo-Ads?

Best Practices for Using Dispensary Geo-Ads Right Now

First, we know that people aren’t leaving their homes as much right now, which is great. Plenty of Americans have taken stay-at-home orders seriously and are helping to flatten the curve in their respective states.

At the same time, most states with medical and recreational cannabis have recognized dispensaries as essential businesses. That means that while things aren’t “business as usual,” it’s still crucial to advertise to customers in order to get them to either stop by or place an order online.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of Geo-Ads, we need to advertise to people where they are. And more specifically, where they’re using their phones.

Right now, that’s primarily two places: their homes and supermarkets. There are also some individuals who are using public spaces like parks and beaches to jog and exercise.

So how can you reach potential customers at those locations?

dispensary geo-ads reaches people
Geo-fencing is great for targeting areas large and small. We can draw virtual fences around both specific areas like a popular supermarket or larger areas, like your delivery zone. You can target specific neighborhoods, a large perimeter around your dispensary, or more. Despite stay-at-home orders, you can still reach customers via geo-advertising, and with increased smartphone use, you may actually be able to reach more customers than ever before.

For this tactic to be effective, it’s crucial that you get started now. Customers are building relationships with brands and will remember how they made them feel during this worrisome time once the worst has passed. Connect and build a positive impression with dispensary geo-ads—let’s get you started. Give us a call to learn more about how easy it is!

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