What We Do

Elevating digital marketing for regulated companies worldwide with our innovative MarTech solutions and game-changing programmatic software platform

Digital Marketing

An effective digital marketing and branding strategy captivates and converts target audiences at every point along the buyer’s journey. That’s precisely what we help you do.

Our proprietary targeting tools collect diverse first- and third-party datasets, multi-device identification data, and precise geo data to curate ideal audiences. With custom analytics in-hand, we tailor a campaign strategy that reaches across channels, including websites, connected TV, audio, mobile, apps, digital out-of-home, and more.

From early stage awareness through the moment of purchase and the nurturing of repeat customers, every piece of the puzzle is important to your growth and long-term success. We’re here to connect the dots.

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Marketing Cloud

Purpose-built to serve the requirements, challenges, and opportunities of regulated industries, MediaJel’s independent marketing cloud leverages best-in-breed data technologies and SaaS solutions. Our partner agnostic IT stack integrates diverse datasets, creates deeper digital connections, and unlocks endemic and non-endemic ad inventory to target real consumers in real-life scenarios.

Every element of the MediaJel.io platform is architected to support and elevate business-building  strategies. From our proprietary intelligent pixels and retargeting tools to our identity-safe impression tracking and multitouch attribution models, we help you do more with your data.

Brand Safety

Digital advertising, branding, and marketing for cannabis companies requires an unrelenting commitment to brand safety and adherence to compliance guidelines. And your growth-focused business can’t afford to misstep with poorly placed ads that disregard brand suitability or get caught in regulatory crosshairs.

As more and more publishers and media channels open ad inventory to cannabis, it becomes increasingly vital to ensure privacy-first digital advertising and identity-safe marketing strategies. You can feel confident knowing your brand safety is a top priority for us. Our teams work to ensure that data privacy, compliancy, and brand-suitability concerns do not derail you from achieving your goals.

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Publisher Network

Digital advertising is playing an increasingly important role from the top to the bottom of the marketing funnel for cannabis brands and retailers worldwide. And we’re positioned to help fuel that growth with better inventory, better targeting data, and better programmatic performance.

MediaJel is proud to offer the cannabis industry’s most trustworthy programmatic private marketplace of endemic and non-endemic ad inventory. The depth and breadth of our exclusive global footprint – delivered through our proprietary ad server – reaches over 36,500 publisher channels and is unmatched in the cannabis marketplace.

How we do it


Corporate size and financial balance sheets are no longer the most predictive measures of scalable, sustainable market leadership. Digital marketing has upended the traditional yardsticks. 

Thanks to big data and AI in today’s advertising industry, access to technology alone doesn’t guarantee success. Yes, data and software are important ingredients of innovation. But the real secret sauce?

Ingenuity and good old people smarts.


We believe cannabis companies should be freed from restrictive digital advertising barriers.

You deserve access to technology tools and expertise – regardless of your size or geography – that reflect the same innovative and entrepreneurial spirit you bring to the market.

Don’t compromise on safety or scale.

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